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Game Vs. Panthers: QB Donovan McNabb

On his performance despite the weather delay: "Well I thought on the first drive we had some positive plays where we were moving down field a bit we had a couple miscues which led to us coming out with no points. The weather, being on delay for about an hour and a half can take a toll on you and I thought we came out, you know, after the delay with some positive things move far down the field. I wish we could have come out with points. We tried with a fake field goal it didn't work. And all throughout the course of the game I thought we did a great job in certain instances, but we weren't able to get a lot of points."

On getting loose after the delay: "Not necessarily again I felt pretty good out there, moved the ball around. Wish we could have capitalized on third downs in which we messed up on but things like that happen. That's what the preseason's for to be able to correct those and come out next week and hopefully change it."

On dropping passes because of the rain: "Well I mean, you don't want to see it happen. But again, its something you work on, especially in the weather conditions in which we were involved in, I thought everyone handled it well but we all look back on it we want to learn from our mistakes and be able to correct them coming out for next week."

On how he felt in the second pre-season game: "I felt good. I felt great. Just going through my reads, try to get it to the open guys to get opportunity to make plays. We wish we could have connected a little more on a couple of those passes, keep the chains moving, put the ball in the end zone but you watch it and come out again New England and try to do the same thing."

On how rookies don't typical contribute a lot in the Eagles Offense and how WR DeSean Jackson may be the exception: "Well, we are going to get to work together. Again we all know the history of rookies playing here in Philadelphia so you don't want to put too much pressure on him. At the flanker position, Reggie has had a wonderful training camp and its unfortunate he's had a couple of injuries, but he'll be back and able to continue along what he started. Also Greg (Lewis) has been able to fill in we're not asking him to do that much right now. I'm sure we'll have packages for him to be involved in but again you don't want to put too much pressure on him right now because he's not in, the offense, he hasn't gotten adjusted to what we do, how we practice, and of course special teams is a major part of what he's involved in. On the offensive side we have to trickle him in a little bit and see what he does when he sees an increase in doing well."

On the offense in comparison to the offense from previous years: "I think with the experience of, with myself, going through the last couple years of obviously not being 100% then having your, you know tackles, that have been for the duration of your career. I think experience-wise we are where we need to be. I think this year is going to be a year in which we need to involve all our guys not put too much pressure on (Brian) Westbrook to do everything I think its important we get LJ (Smith) involved and spread the ball to the receivers. Call plays for them and try to keep the defense together where both Westbrook's offense is kind of the base offense what you go with. You gotta call plays for certain guys to get them the ball and I think that's something important."

On whether he feels more pressure this year than in years past: "Not necessarily, not at all. This year I think for me it's just to go out and play. Everything will take care of itself afterwards. I'm excited about this year and I'm excited about the things we can do as a unit. I'm excited about the things I look forward to getting accomplished. You know anything that happens beyond that, I can control it on the field.

On how comfortable he feels about the offense through two pre-season games: "No. I'm a guy that wants to score every time I touch the ball. So there's no way of really being comfortable with what we've been able to do. I think we've done some positive things that we could take out of these last two games and I hope we use them in this next game coming up against New England. Put it all together and get ready.

On how much he can take out of the first half because of the inclement weather: "Well, I mean when you're out there you have to be able to execute no matter what the weather conditions are. You never know what you'll be facing during the season. It could be rain snow whatever it may be, we have to be prepared for it and take advantage of those opportunities when they're there. No one expected today to go through that right now, but again you know we were out there and you gotta be hard on yourself and you gotta kinda watch the film and be very critical of your mistakes and get ready to change them in practice."

On an outside QB's perspective looking at Brett Favre's signing with the Jets: "Well you know when you talk about a guy who has broke every record possible I think that every QB dreams of achieving. A guy that's kinda been the face of the league. The guy that has lured the Green Bay Packers into one of the top teams of the last decade or longer. Ever since he's been there and has been the QB and they've had a lot of success so when you see something like that coming from the outside you never think that could happen. And I think it shows that guys who are playing a position that it can happen to anybody. No matter what your accomplishments not matter the things that you've been able to do. The records you've broken if things are ready to move in another direction they are ready. So that could mean you go elsewhere or whatever it may be I think Brett has shown that at 38 years old he has love and passion to continue on. I guess with any means necessary, to continue on with another team."

On whether the Brett Favre situation scares him: "It doesn't scare me at all."

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