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Game Vs. Panthers: Locker Room Defense

Defensive Coordinator Todd Bowles

On whether he would consider benching players: "After we watch the film and that continues to come up, yeah, there are alternatives that will probably need to be taken if that's the case."

On whether they have the personnel here to get it right: "I believe we do. Everybody has to do their own job and everybody has to look at themselves in the mirror and try to get something done. If you can't look at yourself in the mirror, then you're not the guy you thought you were."

On where he goes from here: "We work. We go over the film as a staff. If something needs to be replaced then it will be replaced. If not, then you correct the mistake and you move on."

On things not going the way he expected after being promoted five weeks ago: "It's depressing. It's not about me, it's about the team. We're just trying to win ballgames and for that not to happen and for us to lose as many games as we did on the road, it's inexcusable, it's unacceptable, it's disheartening and I feel like how everyone else feels. It's a tough situation."

On whether this team has the same feel as the Dolphins team he took over for as the interim head coach last season: "I haven't had a feel about that one way or another. You just coach football and you coach it the best you can and you play it the best you can and you let everything else fall (into place)."

CB Nnamdi Asomugha

On why some of the mistakes aren't being corrected: "(The mistakes) can definitely be fixed. It's not at a point where there's nothing we can do. There were pretty much two blown coverages that spotted them 14 points and things that shouldn't have happened. Especially when you go over the plays in practice and stuff that shouldn't happen. This kind of hit us two straight weeks on plays that we know are coming and then blow the coverage."

On whether he saw and heard the fans' negative reactions: "We expected some of it today, but fans were with us for most of the game. I think it was the very end when I guess, with a minute left, the game was over then you really started to hear the boos and the disappointment. Throughout the game, we were talking, the fans were with us. It was a game and something we should have pulled out. The support was there and then when we couldn't pull it out, you definitely heard and saw the disappointment."

On what happened on those two blown coverages early in the game: "From my standpoint, I saw it just like you guys saw it. That there was a blown coverage somewhere on the inside."

On what he could point to that would be the problem right now: "It's just those mental errors, those mental mistakes that happen. You can have those a couple times during the game, but when you have them and they go for touchdowns and big plays, that's what bites you."

DT Cullen Jenkins

On how he explains seven straight losses: "It's stressing because every possible way that we could lose a game, we've done it."

On whether the effort is there: "It seems like you have a lot of guys playing hard. Obviously nobody is perfect. We are far from perfect. Right now our performance is pretty terrible."

On whether he feels angry about the current losing streak or whether it has numbed the team: "I'm so mad right now. Out of all the losses, it feels like I'm more angry right now than any of them. Between all the bad stuff that has happened, to still have a chance, even if it's a far chance, to still have chances, you have to look for any type of positive motivation you can get to keep blowing them away or whatever. It's frustrating. It's hard to comprehend."

On whether he is concerned for Eagles head coach Andy Reid's job at this point: "I'm going to keep playing hard for myself, for my teammates, for Coach Reid and all the coaches. I'm going to keep looking at what I can do better. I need to make more plays and try to do something to change the game. That's what I'm going to work on."

DE Vinny Curry

On what happened on defense at the end of the game: "Guys were just eager to make the big play. What was it? Three back-to-back offside (penalties). Obviously we can't do that. That's on us. It's nobody's fault but our fault. That really hurt us."

On whether he senses that better days are ahead when he looks at the current rookie class contributing on the field: "Most definitely. More than anything, we are all close with each other. I think I told you all that before. We're all close to each other and we all want the best for each other. I don't know if you saw me, but I was a maniac on the sideline (when the offense was out on the field). I was just trying to keep guys up because, like I said, they work hard and I see it. We're just not reaping the reward."

On whether he feels that this rookie class is the future of this franchise: "Yeah, I think so but we're working to get better and we have to keep pushing to win the football game."

On whether he was excited to be out on the field wearing an Eagles jersey after watching the team as a fan for so long: "The only thing that sunk in was this loss, man. It hurts."

LB DeMeco Ryans

On why the breakdown of communication on the defensive side of the ball seems to be continuing: "I wish I could tell you. It's disappointing. Some of the mistakes of leaving guys open is just disappointing."

On if he and his teammates understand why defensive lapses occur when they watch the game film: "Oh yeah, we see it. But when it's crunch time, we have to make the play." 

On whether he and his teammates worry about head coach Andy Reid's job security: "It's not my position, the owner handles that. I just go out there and give it my all. I just play ball. On that side of it, I can't handle it—I just handle my part."

On what the team has left to play for: "I play every day for my pride. It's one thing, you play for pride—that's big for me."

On how the team finds a way to stay positive: "You have to. Being negative, what's that going to do? It doesn't bring about anything. Negativity creates more negativity, so the only thing you can do is be positive and try to get a win."

On whether or not he feels the team still responds to head coach Andy Reid: "I feel like the guys respond. There's just a lot of misfortune out there. We turn the ball over and not getting turnovers again. Leaving guys open deep is unacceptable. We can't win like that."

S Nate Allen

On what happened on the first two Carolina touchdowns: "Just a couple missed assignments. I'm not going to say where in particular, but we just need to know our assignments."

On why miscommunications on defense continues to trouble this team: "There's always going to be mistakes in a game. Unfortunately back in the secondary if there's mistakes anywhere or any kind of miscommunication between us and the backers on this level it gets exposed, because you're the last line of defense and these quarterbacks are good enough to see when you mess up and then they expose it."

On what has changed since Todd Bowles took over the defensive coordinator position: "Not much. We haven't changed much, just put in a few things here and there—nothing that we can't handle though."

On whether or not he feels opposing teams have been able to detect their defensive lapses: "Yeah, but it's not the same things every week. Like I said, there's going to be mistakes in a game. That's part of a football game. But, you try to eliminate those mistakes. You just hope that when you do make a mistake they don't see it, but if they do, then obviously it gets exposed."

On the morale of the team now that it has lost seven in a row: "It's pretty frustrating, but you just have to stay positive regardless of what is going on outside the locker room. You just have to stay positive coming to work every day, work hard and keep playing"

On how he strives to remain positive: "It's tough, but as a football player you develop tough skin. You develop a mindset for when things get bad, you always stay positive. You have to be mentally strong to play this game. There is no doubt about that. Everyone on this team is a mentally tough guy. Even in a ballgame, there is ups and downs and in a season there is ups and downs, so you try not to get too high on the ups and too low on the downs."

K Alex Henery

On whether he has ever been in a rhythm like he is now: "Today I hit everything in pregame; I don't think I missed even one.  I hit the ball well today and our rhythm was good. A lot of credit goes to (LS) Jon (Dorenbos) and (P) Mat (McBriar) for making things smooth. There is a lot more that goes into it than just me kicking it."

On whether the three of them have hit a stride this year: "Yeah, we have been on a good roll. I guess you could say that."

On whether his play has been a silver lining to a disappointing season: "This is a team sport, so how the team does is more important than how an individual does. I just do what I can, but we have to get the win. That is what matters."

On whether his record of consecutive field goals has sunk in at all: "No, not really. It probably won't. That is not one of those things that I look at. It's a cool honor, but I have to concentrate on the next kick, not the last one."

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