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Game Vs. Panthers: Head Coach Ron Rivera

On closing out the game: "Well it is something that was a long time coming. Offensively we did things that we needed to do in the last few minutes, it was a good 4-minute drill for us, a lot of people contributed and made plays, and at the end we had the opportunity and we took advantage of it. So real proud of what we did and the things that we did as far as giving ourselves a chance to win and then winning."

On the play of the wide receiving corps: "Well that is the beauty of it, if they (Philadelphia defense) are taking away our best player…our best receiver (WR Steve Smith) the other guys have to step up and they did. Not just one guy in particular, but the whole group. Our tight ends made some plays; I thought that was really great to see. (WR) Brandon LaFell and (WR) Louis Murphy making big plays for us, and (WR) Armanti Edwards got in and gave us a little speed on the outside as well, so it was good to see our guys do things to give us a chance to win."

On the play of QB Cam Newton: "I think the thing is we put a lot on his plate earlier in the year. We've taken some of it back and he has reacted to that very well now, and I think we are starting to find the balance that we need with him. The last few weeks he has been outstanding and he has given us chances to win, and this is the first time that we as a team took advantage of it. We made some plays on the defensive side…created some take-aways, which were huge. Anytime you can recover three fumbles, especially in key situations and get points off of those fumbles, that's huge and again it was big as a team for us to do those things."

On containing RB Bryce Brown: "It was very tough. They did a couple things that we have to look at and make sure that we get corrected. Unfortunately, the end folded a little bit too soon. We like to have him stay outside and make sure that the ball stays contained, but because we were blitzing to the opposite side, he was folding, and as I said…a little bit too soon, so we'll work on that and make sure we get that corrected."

On gaining momentum from the win: "It's huge. Winning is huge. A lot of people will say that it cures all, and so we have to continue now, we have to take this momentum we have and it is a short week, we have to get ready for Kansas City, and fly out there and play them, and they are tough at home. They played Denver real tough last week, and again this will be a heck of a challenge for us, but we do look forward to it, because we will play them wherever we have to."

On an injury update to RB Jonathan Stewart: "No not really, I do know it is sore, and we will see how he reacts to treatment. Hopefully, it will be a short week…hopefully he will be ready to go, if not I thought DeAngelo (Williams) did a nice job of coming in and assuming the role. I thought he did a solid job for us. I think the other thing too that helps us an awful lot as far as that is concerned is really being able to run when we had to, and that is the best part when you want to call…talk about being a balanced offense is you have to run when you want to and run when you have to, and we were able to do it today."

On the missed kick and if it was blocked: "It just missed. I thought the snap was a little bit high so he (Justin Medlock) tried to slow his timing down. That is the explanation that I got and because of that it threw him off. I was ready to throw up. You know the nice thing is we got a take away, from camp it has been an emphasis and today it paid dividends and you look and see the plays are made. (T) Sione Fua knocking the ball out, (DE) Charles Johnson stripping the ball, and then I am not sure which one of our defenders on the kickoff coverage team stripping the ball from behind, so it is paying dividends and we will continue to work on that because it is a big part of what we want to do and become a smarter as far as defense and special teams are concerned."

On balancing out Cam Newton's responsibilities: "It is a tough number to give, I do know we took some off his plate, and really try to balance it out and spread it amongst the other players. He has really responded very well to those things and it is funny because he did not want us to take anything off, he wanted more, and I think we had to give him an opportunity to take a breath once in a while. He has responded very well, these last few weeks he has played like the guy that we believe he can become."

On returning to Philadelphia as a visiting coach: "It is nice to be able to come back to wherever you have coached and played and get an opportunity to win a game and I still have not gotten the elusive Chicago win, but it is kind of gratifying. It is a great city with very passionate fans and I was fortunate to be here for five good years and get an opportunity to enjoy their passion, because they can love you and hate you at the same time, but they really do love you."

On what was said to Coach Andy Reid after the game: "He really just congratulated me and I wished him the best. Obviously I told him that I am pulling for him. He is a very good man, he really is, and he really helped me out a lot in my career."

On Cam Newton's overall performance: "Well we are very pleased. He came out and threw the ball very well; I think play calling, mixing it up early on, helped to get him into a good rhythm. (WR) Steve Smith made a couple of big plays early for us and then he was able to make two touchdown passes, one to LaFell and one to (TE Gary) Barnidge, and I think he really got into a nice rhythm. And then later on in the game when he had to run on the scrambles, not the call plays, but the scramble, he really looked good. One of the things that we talked to him about is if you have to run, tuck it and go, and if not, buy time, which he does, he does very well. He is very decisive and that is when you see his ability and athleticism comes through."

On what Cam Newton needs to work on: "The decision making process, if there is one thing you can say he needs to speed that up a little bit. I think the one thing that he likes to do…he likes to hold that ball and go to that primary because he believes that the guy is going to get open and I will tell you though, when he makes those decisions, go with it, he is pretty hard to stop."

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