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Game Vs. Panthers: Eagles Offense

G/T Todd Herremans

On whether it was important for him to play well at a new position: "Yeah, it's important to play well every game. I feel like, because I had one of my better camps, it was easier for the coaches to let me play tackle. I don't feel like they were as worried about me playing guard. It just gives them more options."

On whether it increases his stock to play multiple positions: "I would imagine. You'd have to ask them that. They're the ones that rate my stock."

WR Kevin Curtis

On WR DeSean Jackson and how he played tonight: "He's developed real well. He's picking it up quick and he's doing a good job catching the ball. He's getting upfield and he's going to be a huge addition; a big help for us this year."

On whether he is surprised at how quickly Jackson has learned the offense: "Yeah. I remember being a rookie myself. It's a whole new system, it's a whole new level of playing. It's tough to come in and pick up an offense. You get a good feel for it like he has and you have to take your hat off to him the way he's coming along."

On whether he's happy with where the offense is thus far in the preseason: "I think there's always room to improve as a team, as a whole. I know, for myself, it's the good thing about preseason is you get a full game to prepare for the season."

RB Tony Hunt

On his touchdown scoring play: "There were a couple of nice blocks that really opened up that side of the field."

On who blocked for him: "(WR) Hank Baskett and (WR) DeSean (Jackson) ran all the way into the end zone, so they were with me."

On his playing time due to the number of running backs in camp: "I feel that's all you can do with five running backs in camp. You really want to try and make the best of what you get, so that's all you can do."

On how difficult it is with five running backs in preseason: "I knew that I was going to get reps in the preseason. So I'm just going to do as much as I can do with those reps, so that I keep getting those reps."

On how he feels he advanced in one game: "I know this is one preseason game, and you have to do the same thing the next preseason game. Every time you step on the field, you want to do something positive. You have to make to make plays on special teams. That's probably the most important. When we have the backfield like we have, you know (RB Brian) Westbrook is going to play, so you have to make the team in other ways. You have to contribute in other ways."

WR DeSean Jackson

On his comfort out on the field: "I feel pretty comfortable. (Assistant Head) Coach Marty (Mornhinweg) has a lot of things in the offense for me. I'm just trying to do my best and get open as much as possible. They're really helping me out and like I said, I just really feel comfortable out there."

On what improvement he had made, and what he still needs to work on: "Everything. It's always possible to get better. I feel like I got a lot better since I came here- coming off the ball, blocking, catching the ball, and just getting forward. It's football, it's a great sport, and I'm just happy to be here."

On his time here: "It's a great team to play with. I'm happy to be a Philadelphia Eagle and the opportunities that are here are endless."

On his being around the ball several times throughout the game: "The opportunity is there. (Assistant Head Coach) Marty (Mornhinweg) and Coach (Andy) Reid have a lot of confidence in me and I just feel like I've been given a good opportunity to help this team. I have a lot of confidence in myself with what I've been through in my life so far and I'm just happy to be here and have guys backing me."

QB Kevin Kolb

On his play tonight: "For me, in front of the crowd and a lot of people still left, and getting the confidence to bring a team back like that. I thought that everybody did well. It was definitely a team effort tonight. Offensive line played great.

On how the weather affected play: "It was tough at first. The first team had it the toughest, especially the receivers. That was tough catching conditions out there. For us it really wasn't that bad. Once they brought a new set of balls, it got kind of sticky out there and it felt pretty good."

On how his fourth quarter performance affects his confidence: "It feels great. Preseason or what, it doesn't matter. Scoring twenty four points in the fourth quarter, that's going to boost anyone's confidence. The more snaps I get, the more I get in a rhythm. I have to get in a rhythm, that's what I like about the 2-minute drill. You just play, it's like backyard football.

On WR DeSean Jackson: "DeSean, he's an all around player. He can play everything. He got a lot of cushion today so we were just popping the little hitches right in front of him. They were giving them to us at eight to 10 yards a pop. He's obviously got a lot of ways to go being a rookie, but the things he's gotten down right now are well ahead of others.

P Sav Rocca

On the fake field goal: "We're going to check it out on video and review it. But it was really interesting trying to do that. I've never done a fake before so it was good to get out there and try something."

On his last punt: "The conditions really paid off. When it was raining and we had to get out there, I didn't get dried off and my hands were wet. But after that one, I made sure I had a glove on and made sure I stayed dry."

On how he's doing with his holds: "I think I have progressed well. Hopefully, we can get a couple more chances and get it real good."

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