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Game Vs. Packers: QB Sam Bradford


On how he felt he played:
"I felt really sharp tonight. I felt like I had a great week of preparation. I thought that we were ready to go tonight. We just found a rhythm early. It was nice to come off the field and go back on and keep that rythm and just keep firing."

On how important this game was 16 days before opener:
"It was huge. It was nice to get out there last week and play the one series. But today to be out there for three series and have three touchdowns, to be able to come to the sidelines and communicate with the offensive line and talk to Chip just about where we're going and what we're thinking, I think that was big too."

On if is this is a game he will look back on and want to mimic:
"I think it would be a little unrealistic to think you're going to have that type of game every time out. Like I said, it was good to see the work we put in during the week pay off tonight. I thought our guys up front did a great job of not only pass protection, but in run blocking as well. It seemed like we were firing on all cylinders tonight. We got into a rhythm and hopefully it's something we will be able to continue to do."

On how ready the offense is for opening day:
"We still got two weeks of work before we go out there and play Atlanta, but tonight was a big step. I think we played well, but we are just going to look to build off of this."

On things to do better:
"We will have to look at the tape. I'm sure I missed a few things tonight, but just continue to work on timing and rythm in the passing game. I thought it was better than it was last week, but by no means is it perfect. Like I said, we have two weeks until we play Atlanta, and we have a lot of work to do. I am sure there are still some things we are going to put in before we play in that season opener and just continue to work with the guys on that chemistry."

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