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Game Vs. Packers: QB Michael Vick

On whether he had an idea of how QB Kevin Kolb was feeling: "I didn't know exactly how Kevin (Kolb) was feeling. He just had a distraught look in his face and I got concerned, but seeing him throw the ball on the sidelines, he was throwing strong, so I figured he was going back in. On the next possession he said he wasn't seeing things clearly, so he opted to come out and that was probably the smart thing to do. Health is very important in this game."

On the opportunity he was given in the second half: "The second half, it was a different feeling because you're down 17 (points). You can't just come out of the gate. We come out and we get a positive play and then we get a fumble. They go down and score, so it made things a bit tougher. But at the same time you've got to stay optimistic in this game and ultimately I believe in myself and I believe in the players around me and everybody's ability. I trust the system and I just know we had to keep fighting and that was the most important thing."

On the first play of the game: "(Laughingly) Well, honestly I won't say who screwed me up on that play. I just made sure, I tried to make sure I was on the ball and not offsides. Somebody told me to slide back. I won't mention the name. From my understanding, it was just to throw Green Bay off, give them a different look, a different feel. We had some other plays within the game plan that we would count on, but Kevin got hurt and wasn't able to go out and execute them."

On the 4th and 1 play in the fourth quarter: "4th and 1, we just didn't get it. A play like that, everybody has to buckle up their chinstraps and go out and get it, including me. If there was something I could have done to get the yard, that's what I had to do. But I'll go back and look at the film. We'll all look at the film and figure out what happened and what we can do better."

On whether they saw what Green Bay was doing on the 4th and 1 play in the fourth quarter: "Yeah, they got a penetration and everybody got a good push up front. Things happen so fast when you're out there, you've just got to react. I tried to react, but ultimately it was too late."

On the play which ended with an incompletion in the end zone: "I think that play could have been a game-changer. It's probably one of the plays that I beat myself up over for the next three days about. Sometimes you get indecisive. Sometimes you want to give guys a chance. You can go back and look at the film and you realize what you could have had. Who knows, maybe I could have scored, maybe not. Maybe they would have collapsed and got close and forced me down at the one-yard line. It's all a hit or miss. You just have to be, like I said, optimistic at all times and believe in the guys around you."

On whether it's tough to confuse the defense by running out of the shotgun: "I mean, it all depends. The key in this game is to keep the defense off balance, to play pitch and catch, play keep-away. If you can do that, you have almost a 100% chance in winning the game regardless of how you play, whether it's in the pocket or outside the pocket. You just have to execute and that's the most important thing."

On whether he uses his natural instincts more when he drops back versus when there is a designed running play: "Not necessarily, I mean in the sense that it is different. When it's a designed run, everybody has to go out and execute and go out and make sure the play is going to work and be efficient. When you play in the quarterback position, and as I referred to the wildcat offense months back, when you're out there and you're playing full term the defense can't get a good indication of what you're going to do. When you go in and out of the game, they can't get an indicator. When you're out there it makes it a lot easier when you're out there full term."

On how close he felt to the Vick of '06: "Well honestly I felt good when I was out there. I felt like I could play three or four more quarters. So that's a good thing. My legs (weren't) tired. I felt like I'm in shape, in great shape. I felt like I'm battling and that I fought and that I had the instinct and desire to win. I had the old feel back and that's a good thing. So to be able to go out and be mobile and able to move and be efficient at times, and even though there are things I need to work on, I'm positive with not only my performance, but my teammates because they fought hard and they fought back."

On whether he's been in a game where so many key guys were hurt: "You know what, once (FB) Leonard Weaver went down, it was like the domino effect, guys just started falling and dropping. We lost (C) Jamaal (Jackson) and that's why I'm so proud of all the guys who stepped up and fought. Guys had to come off the bench and had to fill roles and play -- run and execute plays that they hadn't had a chance to rep. It's a credit to them paying attention in meetings and being ready for whatever. I'm pleased with their performance and like I said the next guy always needs to be ready to step up."

On only having the second half to play catch-up: "I only had a half to play catch up and we were down 17. Things have to happen fast. You have to make things happen quickly and every drive counts. You have to be efficient and you have to put some type of points on the board. Any three-and-outs and any situation where you have to punt, you're only giving the opposition a chance to go out and put more points on the board."

On his play and whether he thinks it's a step to becoming a starter again one day: "Hopefully, like I said I still feel like I can play at a high level. I feel like if I had been out there for four quarters maybe we would have had a chance to win the game. But it's all hindsight now. I feel like I'm like 25 or 26 again even tough that's not the case. I'm not naive to the fact that I am 30, but it's good to leave the game feeling good after taking a couple of hits. I'm not saying that I'm aching or hurting in every area on my body. I'm excited and I'm happy. I'm upset that we lost."

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