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Game Vs. Packers: QB Aaron Rodgers

On tonight's performance: "I played terrible, probably about as bad as I can play. It has got to get better. I missed a lot of throws that I could make in my sleep. I'm disappointed about that, but I think we made the plays to win and the defense did a great job in the first half and the field goal at the end of the half was big. We had some nice movement to get three points. Special teams did a great job. (WR) Jordy Nelson on the returns was fabulous. Personally, I made too many dumb mistakes and I didn't play as well as I know I'm capable of playing. You have to give them credit. They had a good game plan. They did a good job taking (TE) Jermichael (Finley) out of the game. But I had him open down the middle on the first play and I missed him. I got banged around a bit and had no rhythm there. Second quarter and the beginning of the third quarter we kind of went into end of the game mode almost, as far as trying to take some time off the clock. I just think we need to clean things up obviously and hopefully come out more aggressive against Buffalo."

On the play of his offensive line: "I'm not worried. The only thing that worries me a little bit is that it was the four man rush. We were worried a little bit about their pressure schemes, playing on the road and not wanting to make a lot of protection adjustments. We were just trying to get the ball out hot. They sacked us three times in their base defense. That's disappointing, but like I said I didn't play well and we didn't get any rhythm on offense and we need to clean those things up."

On the Packers running game: "It was important for us to take some time off the clock, but also the drive at the beginning of the third quarter that first drive when (RB) John (Kuhn) made a big run on a second and nine and got eleven and then the touchdown, five yards on an inside handoff was pretty good. John finds a way to get into the end zone frequently and he's an important part of our offense. (RB) Brandon Jackson ran the ball well after (RB) Ryan (Grant) went out. It's disappointing, I think, as quarterback playing the way I did because we really feel like we could have put more points on the board and given our defense a break because they played really well."

On special teams play: "We've witnessed a lot of those momentum swings. That's a big deal, especially when they started to get back in the game a little bit. And for (WR) Jordy (Nelson) to consistently come across the thirty and to the fifty on the first return of the second half is excellent. It's important to us and we have certainly been on the other side of that. No penalties on special teams, that's nice. Too frequently last year we were on the field with a lot of flags down and starting drives inside the twenty and today we had really good field positions."

On TD to WR Greg Jennings:"The interception I threw in the first quarter was the same defense and I was trying to get (TE) Jermichael (Finley) down the middle, but (Eagles FS) Quintin Mikell made a nice play. I told Greg on the sideline in a conversation in the second quarter I said 'Hey, if this happens again just run a go-route and I'll try and look the safety off', because (Eagles CB) Ellis (Hobbs) was sitting a little bit, so I just took my eyes to the right and Greg just ran up the field right past him and made a nice catch."

On injury to Eagles QB Kevin Kolb: "I'll be looking to talk to him tonight and hopefully he's alright. You never want that to happen, especially to a guy who I've become pretty good friends with. I'm disappointed, but I hope he's ok. I'm not sure what his injury is, as a matter of fact. But (Eagles QB) Michael (Vick) did a nice job when he came in. He ran the offense well and he is a dangerous guy with a lot of athletic ability. He played real well and got them back in the game."

On team play: "I think every win is a team win and every loss is a team loss. We win as a team, we lose as a team, and we're pretty united in the locker room. It's nice when the offense isn't playing as well as we know we're capable of playing that the special teams consistently give us good field position and the defense did a great job in the first half containing them. (The Eagles) have a lot of weapons and have a lot of studs on offense. I thought (the defense) did a great job of really taking the talent out of the game. (Eagles WR) Desean Jackson is explosive and he was not a huge factor in the game. I think you have to give the young guys credit. (CB) Sam Shields and (S) Morgan Burnett started their first games in the NFL. Well Sam didn't start, but he played the nickel, so he pretty much started. Those guys played well, so you have to give them credit."

On his relationship with QB Kevin Kolb: "I think it's just part of, not that I'm an old quarterback, but I'm in my sixth season and its beneficial to the league to have someone who can talk to those guys who are just starting their careers out and (QB) Kevin (Kolb) had a lot of questions that I remember having myself as a young starter. As a first time starter I found myself asking (QB) Trent Dilfer and (QB) Steve Young and some of the guys who have kind of been mentors to me. If I can be in that similar role to Kevin then that's a great honor for me and I think it's important for the league that the quarterback fraternity, if you will, is a tight knit one. You want to see guys coming up and laying well and give them as much information as possible."

On first win in Philadelphia since 1962:"I just heard that in the locker room and that's awesome. It's great for the franchise. I have been a part of two brutal losses here. They were not a lot of fun. This is a great sports city. They love their football, their basketball, their baseball with the Phillies, and hockey with the Flyers. These fans love their sports and when they cheer they're a great crowd and this is a tough, hostile environment so it's nice to get a win here."

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