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Game Vs. Packers: Offensive Locker Room

WR Desean Jackson

On his thoughts of the offense's performance in the first half: "(The Packers) played a good game. That was a pretty good team. We were not able to get it going like we wanted to, but that's just something we have to work on as a team. We have to go back to the practice field and just do the best we can. We have to take advantage of certain opportunities."

On whether the players on offense still have complete confidence in QB Kevin Kolb: "I'm sure he does. It's unfortunate for him to go down like that. It was tough on the rhythem, practicing all week with Kolb and then having (QB Michael) Vick come in. It threw us off a bit, but we just had to do the best we could."

On the troubles the offense had in the red zone today: "It's just something we have to look at ourselves and get better in the red zone. We have to score touchdowns instead of field goals. It's tough on us, but it's still early in the year. Hopefully we can see Green Bay again."

On whether he would rather not see the change in quarterbacks and whether it affects the rhythm: "I am not going to say I would rather not see it, but it's unfortunate that he has to go out with the injury and Vick has to come in. Everybody says that when a man goes down the next man has to come in and we still have to go in there and run the football game."

On Vick's performance: "He was just being himself. Everybody knows that he's a dynamic quarterback who can run and throw. He just let the game come to him. It's just good to see him out there making plays. We actually had a chance to come back and win this game. It was tough to lose the game like that."

WR Jeremy Maclin

On Vick's effectiveness today and the use of his speed: "It helps a lot. When a guy can come out of the pocket and use his speed, it certainly helps. I think Mike did a tremendous job coming in for the second half and stepping in for Kolb. He provided us with a spark. We can't start that late though. We started late today."

On the injuries in the second quarter: "It hurts, but at the same time, the people coming in for them have to step up. Vick came in and did a good job. (C Mike) McGlynn came in and took control of the line and (RB Eldra Buckley) came in and did decent at fullback as well. We have to go with the guys we got. We never want to lose a player, but everybody else has to step up."

On whether he feels like he saw the Vick of a few years ago: "I think he got his legs back. That is what makes the dude special. The fact that he can scramble out of the pocket and run just as well as the DBs back there helps him out. That is part of his game."

On whether it would help practicing all week with Vick if Kolb is ruled out for Detroit: "I think it will help whoever is going to play to get the reps all week. I think that helps. We will see how Kolb is and if he can play next week. Vick just has to be ready."

On how tough tonight was for Kolb: "I feel bad for the guy. He was more excited than anybody to go out there and play. Nobody wants to compare him to (former Eagles QB Donovan) McNabb, but he wants to come out and prove that he's the guy and he's going to take us where we need to go. We still have faith in him. Hopefully he can get healthy and ready."

TE Brent Celek

On how QB Kevin Kolb looked to him after he came off the field in the second quarter: "It was hard for me to tell, because I really wasn't talking to him. Once they said he was going to be out, they pretty much took him to the locker room, so we didn't talk too much."

On how things changed offensively once QB Kevin Kolb was out: "I don't think they changed too much. We were a little bit more successful in the second half and we started building upon that. We were playing a little bit better. We know what we have to that coming out to the game."

On what QB Michael Vick brought in terms of the quarterback position in the second half: "I thought Michael played well. When he had to get the first downs, he was getting them. He was scrambling, finding open guys; he did a good job."

On his thoughts on whether having QB Michael Vick playing the entire second half, brought stability for the rest of the offense: "I don't think that affected us. We do that in practice, we practice that type of stuff, so I really don't think that affected us. We as an offense, collectively, were a little bit more successful in the second half."

G/C Mike McGlynn

On how surprising it is to get the opportunity to play: "There was really a lot of question with 'Jack' coming back, but I was just preparing myself to play. There's so much question about everything. The only way I can look at coming into this game is to look at it as you're going to get some more reps; that happened. We just came up a little bit short. We'll just get back to the film room tomorrow and get ready for Detroit next week."

On whether the lack of playing together with the rest of the offensive unit during the entire preseason showed up in today's game: "It's tough having that camaraderie, but you cant make excuses. We're paid to do that, do our job, go out there and block. Like I said, we'll get in that film room tomorrow and correct our mistakes."

On how he feels about C Jamaal Jackson getting injured: "It's a tough thing that happened to Jamaal. I feel sorry for him. It's tough…I just know what he's going through. It's a hard thing to deal with. Things like that happen in this game. It's tough. I feel bad for him, definitely."

On whether he's confident that he'll have his new role for the long-term: "We'll see. My job now is to take advantage of the opportunity. What I do with it, is what it will be."

RT Winston Justice

On how hard it was to play after the multiple injuries in the 2nd quarter: "When your back is against the wall, you just have to go out and play. I think we had no other choice, especially when that many key players go down. We just need to step up and get better. We need to use this week of practice and get better. We have to get ready for Detroit."

On how different it is blocking for Vick than Kolb: "All the plays are switched over because he's left handed, but other than that, it's the same thing. Mike is mobile, but so is Kevin. Nothing really changes because they are coached by the same people."

On C Jamaal Jackson's injury: "That is really disheartening. He worked so hard to come back and to get another injury like that, it's a big downer. That is what we sign up for though. Every play can be your last. That is a fact that football players go through, every play. That is something we have to live with and move forward with."

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