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Game Vs. Packers: Eagles Locker Room



On the game:
"The quarterbacks threw me some really good balls, right on my body, really easy catches. I felt that everything went really well as an offense. We moved the ball well, and I was really impressed on how we scored right before halftime. Everything was just clicking on all cylinders."

On Sam Bradford:
"He is a great guy and obviously he is an unbelievable football player. He is one of the best that I have played with."


On the first team offense:
"Our first unit we all played well together. Our communication level was high. I thought we had some good drives and at the end of the day a lot of playmakers made plays."

On Sam Bradford:
"I thought he was great. The offensive line protected him, gave him time, and I thought he hit his keys well. He worked his progressions and made the right throws."

On heading into the season:
"We have been working together since OTA's and minicamp so we are definitely getting ready for the season. I definitely think we are gelling and heading in the right direction."

On his versatility:
"Blocking and pass catching are two things that I pride myself on and being a complete back. So those are two things that I definitely don't take lightly."


On the Eagles fast-paced offense:
"It is an intense offense. Those guys are good. Going against this type of offense everyday makes the whole team better. I really like it."


On what goals the Eagles defense has this year:
"Stopping the run is the biggest thing. I think we need to do a lot better on the back end as well. We also need to make sure we keep the pressure on up front."

On if they were disappointed to not face Aaron Rodgers tonight:
"We know it is preseason. We know they are just trying to save themselves for the first game. We just wanted to go out there and make sure we got conditioned, even though we condition a lot in practice against a hard tempo."

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