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Game Vs. Packers: Defensive Locker Room

FS Nate Allen

On his overall performance: "I gave up a few things and we just couldn't get it done."

On the performance of the defense: "I think we had some miscommunications on some things. Nothing we can't fix. We're just going to get back in practice and work everything out."

On the loss of LB Stewart Bradley: "It was big losing someone like Stewart Bradley, but we've just got to keep playing."

On what the team can take away from this game: "We just fought back and that's always good, but at the end of the day you always want the win."

On what he has learned early in his rookie season: "Quarterbacks are smart. I gave up something and I just learned from it. Just got to come back next week and get ready."

On the end of the game: "We definitely got going again, especially when we needed it there at the end. We had some good momentum. The crowd was behind us. We got the ball back and we just couldn't finish it right."

On his first career interception: "It was good, but it doesn't mean anything if you don't get the win."

CB Ellis Hobbs

On the overall performance of the defense: "We did a heck of a job executing the gameplan. We had some low moments in the game, which is going to happen. (The Packers) aren't who they are just by chance; they're a good offense. I think we did a good job of trying to execute the defense. We just have to tighten up in some areas."

On what the defense can do to improve: "One play or the other didn't beat us. (We) just (need to) tighten up and play four quarters, and we'll be okay."

DE Brandon Graham

On the loss of Bradley: "It just opened up the door for the next person. Stew is going to be back. You've just got to fight through it. You practice every day. You better step up when your time comes. A lot of people talk about not getting playing time -- it's your time when you get out there."

On the defensive stops at the end of the game: "That was a big spark because we knew we had to get stops. I'm just happy we kept fighting. I just hope next time we pull through, but I'm happy with the fight that we had."

On the rotation of the defensive linemen pressuring QB Aaron Rodgers: "He didn't know where we were coming from. (The Packers) didn't see it coming. I think it's a good thing that we're switching it up. I like it. Whatever the coaches want to do, I'm just trying to win."

On the overall performance of the defense: "We aren't going to do anything but get better as a defensive line. To see us getting sacks early on, that was a good thing. Great start. We've just got to keep getting better offensively and defensively. We can't have highs and lows like that in a game."

On what they can learn moving forward: "Just look at film and see what we could do better as a defense to make sure that we come out with a win next time. We're just going to keep working. We'll keep fighting hard. The fight was out there. I think we're going to keep getting better every week."

LB Ernie Sims

On facing his former team next week at Detroit: "Of course it is going to be a little different because I have some emotional ties, but for the most part, I'm going to approach this week just like every other week. I'm going to go in tomorrow, watch the film from today, start breaking it down and getting ready."

On the injury to Bradley: "We were going to make the tackle and Stew actually ran into my thigh. I saw him try to get up but I wasn't sure exactly what happened. Unfortunately, it was a crazy situation. Stew is a tough player. I felt (the collision). I've got a big bruise on my thigh. I think he's going to be alright, though."

On what he will take away from this game moving forward: "Everybody was talking about how good Green Bay was, but what I take from it is that we've got a hell of a team, too. Everybody was underestimating us. I really feel like we had a legitimate chance in that ballgame, we just didn't make plays when we had to. I really think we can build off this game. This was a big game for us, especially being the first game. It says a lot about our team and our character. I'm really proud of how we fought back. I'm just happy to be on this team. I'm excited. And I think we've really got a bright future ahead of us."

On his debut with the Eagles: "It felt really good. First of all, the Kelly green, amazing uniforms. The atmosphere in that stadium was great. I'm really excited to be in Philadelphia."

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