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Game Vs. Lions: QB Michael Vick

On whether the team is making the same mistakes as other games: "I think the bottom line is we had our chance to win this game."

On the Eagles' getting the first chance to score in overtime: "It's very frustrating. That's our shot. That's our opportunity and it changed the dynamics of the game. After the first possession, a field goal wins the game. We just, these (sorts) of games can't happen. We all have to do our jobs and be accountable. We didn't get it done on offense."

On whether he has enough time in the pocket: "You know, I do the best I can. I give everything I got and you know I'm pretty sure my teammates do as well, other than that, they wouldn't be out there on the field. We give 110 percent effort. We do the best that we can when we have the opportunities and I know I always walk of the field leaving it all out on the field."

On whether he thought that the Eagles had control of the game after his touchdown pass to WR Jeremy Maclin late in the fourth quarter: "I mean honestly, yeah. I know our football team and I know how good we are. After the touchdown to Maclin I thought it was a great opportunity, a great position for us to be in to win the game and before I knew it, we were in a fight. So it's tough. It's hard."

On going into the bye week 3-3 and after a loss: "It's very frustrating because we were digging a hole for ourselves and even though we're 3-3, we have a lot of football left to play. It still would have been great to get that win today. Guys fought hard. We went out there, we laid it all out on the line and we knew how important it was to get that win today and what it would do for us moving forward. We fell short and this one will hurt for a long time."

On whether this is a good time for the team to have a bye: "Yeah, I think it's a good time for a bye. I think we need to just kind of figure out what we need to do to finish games. Try to start a little faster on offense and not make so many mistakes early in the game. You just can't do that in this league. The opposition is just as good as you are. So the mistakes have to be eliminated."

On whether he thinks the team is so good that it doesn't pay attention to details and isn't disciplined: "You know I think we all just need to look in the mirror and figure out what can we all do individually to make sure that we maximize our opportunities to win football games. At the end of the day you can say whatever you want to say, but the only thing that matters is winning and losing. I know I gave it everything I got. You know, we all do. But it's a shame that things have to turn out like this and it can only be one way."

On what happened on his interceptions during the game: "Well, the pass to (WR) DeSean (Jackson), I just kind of laid it out and (CB Chris Houston) caught it. I could have (thrown) it out there a little more. The one to (WR) Jason (Avant), just trying to make a play and the ball got picked off."

On whether the measures he took this week helped fix the fumble issue: "I'm just going to continue to try to work on ball security as much as I can. Limit the interceptions, limit the fumbles and just try to keep this football team ahead on the scoreboard. That's my primary goal at the end of the day. If we can all play together collectively, certain things happen, but I just have to keep my team in a position where we are always ahead on the scoreboard. And that's what matters the most to me."

On what happened on the play where he missed the snap: "Just miscommunication between (C) Dallas (Reynolds) and I. I never throw one of my teammates up under the bus. It was just a mistake that was made regardless of whose fault it was. We overcame that regardless. You can say "what if, coulda, woulda, shoulda." We overcame it and we were in a position to win this game. So we did what we had to do. In the moment we did what we needed to do."

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