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Game Vs. Lions: Head Coach Andy Reid

On injuries sustained in the game: "(S) Nate Allen has a hamstring strain."

On the loss: "We have to learn how to win football games as coaches and players. That's my responsibility, and obviously we didn't get it done. You have a 10-point lead in the fourth quarter, particularly after the slow start that we had offensively, then you have to care of it. We didn't do that."

On whether the game was lost on the line of scrimmage: "I'll take responsibility for it. I just know that it wasn't good enough all the way around. There were times and places where everyone needs to look themselves in the mirror and get better - me included."

On whether the Eagles lack of sacks can be attributed to Detroit keeping in extra blockers: "Both teams did the same thing. We both held people in to protect, but it looked like they got more pressure than what we did. So we have to do a better job there."

On what happened to cause the Eagles to suffer two consecutive sacks during their offensive possession in overtime: "We got pressure. We didn't get it done there."

On why he elected to attempt a long pass when facing 3rd-and-31 during the offensive possession in overtime: "We thought we obviously had something that we could work out there." 

On turning the ball over three times in the game: "We have to get better. We have to get better at it. I don't know what else to tell you there, other than we have to get better."

On the production of WR Calvin Johnson in the fourth quarter after the Eagles held him in check for most of the first three quarters: "He made a big play there at the end. We were in man coverage on one of them, and on the other one we really had him doubled, but he was able to get free."

On whether Detroit's offensive production in the game can be attributed to the injury suffered by Allen: "No."

On whether the Detroit offense specifically tried to exploit matchups with S Colt Anderson following the injury to Allen: "Nope, that's not what they were doing."

On whether CB Brandon Hughes was inserted as the dime defensive back late in the game: "Yes, that was it. Hughes is the dime. (Detroit) had (TE Tony Scheffler) in and they were flexing him out, so we used Hughes in there for him."

On the play of the defense throughout the game: "We all have to do better. That's what I can tell you. The offense can't start the way we're starting, and we can't finish the way we're finishing here both offensively and defensively. We have to make sure we're taking care of business and getting better."

On whether he was surprised to see the defense struggle in the fourth quarter after having success in the first three quarters: "(Detroit) made some plays. They were better than us right there."

On whether he anticipates blitzing more due to the defense not recording a sack in three straight games: "We brought a little bit (of pressure) today, and (Detroit) got us on a couple of them. We have to do better when we do blitz, and obviously we have to get more pressure on the quarterback."

On whether he knew why DT Fletcher Cox was ejected from the game: "Yes, because he punched somebody."

On why Cox threw a punch: "You should not be punching anybody."

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