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Game Vs. Jets: QB Michael Vick

On playing tonight:"It felt good to finally take some snaps at the quarterback position. I think I played fairly well. There are some things I could have done better but it felt good to get out there and play some quarterback on a consistent basis and shake off some cobwebs."

On meeting with NFL Commissioner Rodger Goodell: "It was a great meeting, as I expected. We talked about some things and he didn't make his decision at that point in time but I thought what the outcome would be. I've been doing everything I could, doing all the right things and staying on course and I was happy with the decision."

On convincing Goodell for a shorter suspension: "I've been trying to show him that I'm moving in the right direction. I'm changing my life for the better. (I'm showing him) that I'm doing all the things that a professional athlete is supposed to do on and off the field. I can't get complacent, I just have to stay strong and keep moving forward. I have to continue to have faith and have faith in myself and trust myself and I think he believed that."

On facing fans: "That's part of the game. Jets fans – they're great. They go out and demonstrate what true fans are supposed to be. They boo, and that's part of the game, but at the same time, I felt some love. I understand it's a part of what I have to deal with – it's part of what any quarterback around the League has to deal with."

On most important thing he took away from meeting with Goodell: "Having to continue to trust myself on a consistent basis, from day-to-day, for 24 hours a day. I have to use good judgment. That's what I've been trying to display and it's what I've been trying to do day-to-day in my walk of life."

On becoming the player he used to be: "I still think I'm a couple weeks away. I'll take this time to get in shape – to get my endurance and to continue to strengthen my legs and to work my mind with the offense, the mental capacity of the game. I just have to try to do all the right things to put myself in the position so that when I'm called on I can go out there and do my best."

On the importance of practicing over the next few weeks: "It's very important. Being able to practice and going out there to continue to get a feel for the offense and to work on the little things and ball security. It's the small things I have to work on and that's the most important thing at this point."

On taking hits: "It's been a long time – since 2007. It's what I wanted. I wanted to get hit a little bit, to get a feel for the game, to get knocked around a little bit, to have to move in the pocket. That (Jets) defense definitely did a good job at that and I commend them for that. But at the same time, I have things to work on in my game and I still have a ways to come but I felt good with the outcome."

On the wildcat package: "I felt like it was more productive. There are a lot of things we can do. My mindset it to help this team in whatever capacity I can and do the things I know I can do when I'm out there on the football field."

On receiving a two-week suspension: "I was surprised but I'm just blessed to have an opportunity. I'm blessed to be standing here in front of you today. I'm blessed to have the opportunity play the quarterback position today and it's still somewhat like a dream when I step out there on the field. Coming from where I came from two years ago and knowing where I've been, I just try to enjoy the moment. I can't complain about anything. If it was a six-game suspension, if that was the final ruling, the verdict, then I would be happy and I would say that I would have to work on personal development and perfecting my game."

On the length of the suspension being fair: "I don't look at it like a suspension and that's what the Commissioner indicated to me – it's an opportunity to get myself together and to take some time off and to do all of the right things."

On his touchdown run: "I didn't even know what to do with myself. I was telling myself to keep the ball, or to hand it to an offensive lineman, or to spike it, but after I got up, I just lost it. My mind went blank and I just ran off the field like nothing had ever happened. I went through so many scenarios in my mind, but it was great. It was gratifying getting into the end zone and I'm glad the play was called for me to have the opportunity to do it."

On receiving the verdict on the suspension: "I found out from Andy (Reid) about three hours later."

On handling the ups and downs of being an NFL player: "You just want to have an opportunity to come back. Unfortunately for me, I have been suspended for the first two games, so it gives me something to think about. It gives me ambition and motivation to come back stronger. When I'm working the next two weeks, that's what I'll be thinking about – the bad things that happened in this game, while I'm correcting them."

On where he is after playing today: "I'm about 90 percent. I'm almost there."

On getting involved in the Philadelphia community: "I'm very excited about having the opportunity to go out and have an impact on kids in this world. Not only playing football is important, but it's about how many lives I can affect and how many people I can change from here on out."

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