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Game Vs. Jets: QB Kevin Kolb

On how important it was for him to start tonight: "It was huge. It was my first start. Although it's just the preseason, and the starters weren't out there with me, it's still big for me. It breaks me in slowly to hopefully what I am going to be one day."

On where he is now compared to last year: "It's tenfold. Just the comfort level. The group we have out there right now, I really like. I don't know if it's the twos or what it is, but it seemed like everyone we had in there had great continuity. Everyone works hard and that's all you can ask out of those guys."

On whether he is ready to play if he gets the call: "I think (there is) no doubt that I'm ready to go. I think I have progressed every game throughout the preseason. That was my goal. If I can continue to do that, then hopefully I'll have a great career here."

On how important the preseason games are to his progression: "They are huge, because you never know what the regular season is going to be like. The biggest thing now is to not regress. I've gotten progressively better, I just can't regress when I'm sitting on the sidelines. I have to make sure I get plenty of reps in practice and keep my part."

On his confidence level going into this season: "I feel very confident; definitely as confident as I have ever been here in Philadelphia. The offense is coming smoothly, things are coming great, and the coaches are doing a great job playcalling for me so far, too."

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