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Game Vs. Jets: QB Kevin Kolb

On his game performance: "It was good to get out there and get more reps. It was decently productive point wise, but we had some drives that stalled out. A couple of those plays were my fault. I can't take the sacks in the red zone like I did, but overall it was positive."

On playing wideout: "I got jammed up one time, so I've got to work on that, but everything else was good. I think I did some good things out there when (Vick) lined up at quarterback. He showed that burst that I think all of us wanted to see."

On Vick's comeback: "Two weeks out, and I felt like I missed an eternity. Two years, I can't imagine. I said it's going to be a slow process. We're all trying to feed him positive motivation. You could tell the athleticism was there tonight. The reads and all of that other stuff will come. That's the part he can handle. He'll work hard and get that part right. But his athleticism and footwork were spot on."

On being named the back up quarterback: "I have no idea. I haven't talked to (Reid) about it. I would hope their plan is to have me as the number two guy if something was to happen to (McNabb). But whatever is best for the team. I want to be out there, and I definitely want to have the chance to play if something is to happen."

On when he'd like to know if he will be named the back up quarterback: "From the very beginning, I've tried to keep my nose down and keep playing and working hard. Whatever situation arises, I'll just handle it. There's already been situations throughout my first two and a half years, but we're still rocking and rolling. I'll do whatever is best for the team and to keep proving myself."

On his first offensive drive of the game: "That was nice because it was (the Jets) first (defense), so we were pumped. We had some fortunate penalties that moved us down the field, but the running game was there. It was nice to get off to a start like that. Someone told me that (this drive) was our first series of this year where we had a first down and then went on to score. To have both of these in the same game and against the number one defense was nice."

On TE Tony Curtis: "Tony did a great job. We were coaching him as much as we could on the sideline. We were kind of worried about him, but as soon as he got in the game, he did an awesome job. He's a gamer you can tell. When he gets onto the field, he understands it. He was pushing into holes you wouldn't necessarily expect guys only practicing for a week to push into. It was very positive to see him do those types of things."

On being comfortable with his play: "I'm pretty comfortable, but I was real comfortable after last year, and look at how I played. I want to make sure I stay ready and stay focused; game in and game out. You never know when something is going to happen in this league, and I definitely want it to be a better experience than last time."

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