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Game Vs. Jets: Locker Room - Offense

RB Chris Polk

On whether he will be able to get sleep tonight in light of tomorrow's final cut: "Probably a lot because I am really drained. I'm just really blessed to still be in this situation after everything I overcame, be part of this organization, to just be here and to be able to do something I love day in and day out."

On whether he felt like he needed to get hit by other teams to prove that he didn't have any lingering issues with his shoulder: "I didn't feel like I needed to prove anything because, you know, I know my body. I know I have a messed up shoulder. I've played with it for three years, never missed a practice, never missed a game. I just wanted to show my teammates what I can do and just give them energy and keep the chains moving and do everything that I could to keep the offense rolling to help our team."

On whether he felt like he did everything he could to show the team what kind of player he is: "I'm happy with my performance. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger and this is a learning experience for me. I'm just going to continue to grow as a player, be a student of the game and just keep working on my conditioning and strength. I'm just trying to get better day in and day out. If you're not getting better, you're getting worse."

On whether it felt good to get in the end zone: "It felt great. Honestly, I don't even remember. I just remember grabbing the ball and then I crossed the end zone. I didn't know what to do. Dreams come true. That meant a lot to me right there. I thank my teammates for that."

WR Mardy Gilyard

On how much he'll be able to sleep tonight in light of tomorrow's final cut: "I'm not going to get any sleep tonight. No, not at all. Just because, it's like, for the guys on the bubble like me and (RB) Chris (Polk), all the guys that have been repping with the (second and third strings), the team has so many weapons that you're just stressed out. You know what I mean? It's the name of the game. I know from being around that this is a key week. You must do everything you can in your power to make the decisions hard. You have to make plays. You have to make as many plays as you can. Make more plays than the next man."

RB Bryce Brown

On whether he prepared any different for this preseason game than he had done for the others: "No. It was all pretty much the same—go out and do what I'm supposed to do; go out and execute, do the little things and just play the game and have fun."

On how it felt to get extended playing time: "It felt good to get the reps and to be able to be out there and get in a groove and feel more comfortable. It was fun getting that opportunity of being out there and having fun."

On if he is concerned about Friday's cuts: "I would lie if I said I wasn't (laughing), but I will tell myself that I have no control over that. Everything I've done so far, I feel like I did my best and I tried and I gave it my all. I hope at the end of the day when the coaches make that decision that I am a part of this organization."

On if he feels like he has made a good impression with the coaches and teammates: "I think so. This is a special coaching staff and a special group of guys. I feel like I have made some kind of an impact and I hope they got to see who I am as a person and as a player."

On what he feels he improved on most over the summer: "I would say understanding defense better. (Coach) Duce (Staley) really spent a lot of time with us and put a lot of time in to help us understand, and that was the best thing—He is a tough coach. So recognition of the defenses does carry a long way, but there's enough in that area I feel like I need to work on too."

On what it has meant to him to have players like RB LeSean McCoy to learn from: "It means a lot; it's really a blessing. You hear guys that talk about how to play and give advice, but being in this locker room and being next to these guys and being on the practice field you actually get to see. That's just an example. It's been a blessing being able to watch Dion (Lewis) and 'Shady'. They've both been great to look up to."

QB Nick Foles

On evaluating his first NFL preseason: "I thought it went well. I continued to learn every day throughout the week. It was great to get the reps in the games and get out there and play. We practice so hard against one another, so to get to go out there and use our schemes against someone else, helps a lot."

On whether it is tough to realize that if all goes well in the regular season, he will not play: "I have not had any time to think about that. I 100% support (QB) Mike Vick. He's such a talented player and leader of this team. I said it before, but I am going to do everything I can to help this team, whether it's in practice or during a game. I am just going to be ready to play. When you have a leader like that, a guy who the team rallies around, it's not hard to sit there and support him and watch him do his thing. I am going to keep working and learning. I am young, so I am going to just figure it out."

On whether he surprised himself at all this preseason: "I feel comfortable. We moved the ball well as a unit. If you look at the unit's numbers, they are good, but I think the big thing was that we moved the ball and put points on the board. We were also good in the red zone. We played together very well and have to work to continue to improve, especially the young guys. We love to work and have a great rookie class."

On what he thought about QB Trent Edward's play tonight: "He showed the player he is. He is an extremely talented player. He has always supported and helped me. I watched him put on a clinic tonight. It was beautiful. He was making plays and guys were rallying behind him. He showed his toughness and arm strength. It was fun watching him do so well."

QB Trent Edwards

On whether he felt like he did everything possible to make this team: "I don't really look at it like that. The way I will answer that is that I think that I got better as a player every day here. A big reason why I came here and was so excited to work out for this team in January was to play for these coaches and with these offensive weapons. I feel like I was given a lot of opportunities this preseason to go out there and play. I wasn't getting a lot of reps through OTAs and minicamps. Guys get dinged up and the next guy has to go out there and perform. I am really happy with the way the guys around me played. So, whatever it is, I feel like the best quarterbacks in this league get the guys around them to play at a high level and are able to do that on a consistent basis. Through the four games that I was in there, the guys around me did a very good job."

On whether he thinks he was reborn as a quarterback this preseason: "I don't think I ever died. I don't know. I still feel as though I am making plays like I did in my rookie year and second year. I am seeing the field like I always have. I think I was just given some great opportunities here and that is what I am thankful for. I didn't know if that would be the case here, but fortunately it worked out in my favor and whatever happens."

On how nice it was to get extended time tonight and get in a groove: "It was really nice to get in a rhythm there. I think the first drive I was in there, we got the ball moving and I had a few completions. I think the momentum in the game was kind of going in their direction. There was not a lot of energy, but that is the way it is in the fourth preseason game. The guys are not motivated to play. They see the starters on the sideline wearing tennis shoes and it's hard to not be lethargic to start. I think the fourth quarter was kind of like that a bit and I was excited that we responded and were able to put a touchdown in there in the second quarter."

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