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Game Vs. Jets: Head Coach Todd Bowles


Jets Head Coach Todd Bowles

On QB Bryce Petty's injury:

"He's got a sore right shoulder and he's going to get more tests run tomorrow."

On whether WR Brandon Marshall has an injury:

"No, he's fine."

On QB Christian Hackenberg's performance:

"We can't turn it over in the red zone. Again, second week in a row we give up a touchdown inside the red zone. No matter who the quarterback is, we can't give up a touchdown. He was up and down. We let rookies play for a long time so we are going to see their errors and their mistakes. With him, there were a lot of people on the field. Sometimes it looked like him and it wasn't and sometimes it was him. There were a lot of mistakes on the field that we have to clean up, but it was to be expected."

On Petty's performance:

"He got a touchdown. Other than that, he was doing okay. We ran the ball a lot more when he was in there, trying to give [RB] Khiry [Robinson] a bunch of work so he didn't have much action to speak of in that way."

On Robinson's performance:

"He was quick. It was good to see him get some touches, get banged around a little bit. He was fresh, so we wanted to get a good look at him and we got a good look at him."

On the decisions ahead now that the preseason is over:

"Maybe one or two tough ones for the most part. We will meet on it tomorrow, later on tonight on the way back, and in the morning to make our decisions and see what's available and make sure we have the right guys."

On whether he is going to make cuts tomorrow:

"Not sure yet. We may do some on Saturday as well."

On the growth of WR Robby Anderson:

"He has a lot of confidence. You see growth in him from a confidence standpoint. He still has a lot to learn from a receiver standpoint, just from small, technical things about reading coverage and lining up and breaking off routes. But his confidence is high and he's made some plays and that will do that to anybody. He has some play-making ability in that regard, but he still has to get a better grasp of the offense."

On TE Jace Amaro's performance since training camp:

"He started out fine and then he got banged up a little bit. He came out today and made a couple of catches here and there, but we have some tough choices to make."

On whether Amaro is going to get cut:

"We will sit down and talk about it tomorrow. I'm not going to get into that tonight because we have a bunch of guys we have to talk about."

On tests on Petty and the possible MRI tomorrow:

"I don't know what kind of tests; they just said they had to get more [tests] run."

On the X-ray tonight done on Petty:

"To my knowledge, I just got it coming in, he has a sore shoulder and they said they have to do more tests. The test they ran here tonight, they didn't give me an update on yet."

On the quality of T Ben Ijalana's performance:

"I wasn't watching him. I have to watch the tape to make that decision. I really didn't watch him at all."

On whether he feels he had enough evaluation to make an outside linebacker decision:

"Yeah, I do."

On who he expects to be the two starters at outside linebacker:

"We will see who is healthy. Obviously we will see when [OLB] Jordan [Jenkins] comes back and I'll watch the tape and see how [LB Mike] Catapano and [LB Lorenzo] Mauldin did and we will make a decision from there."

On Mauldin's performance tonight:

"Well we got a good evaluation of him. It's just a matter of getting him playing time. He can play, he just needs playing time. He just needs to see the nuances of playing outside linebacker.  And since we played a 4-3 in the first half last week, he didn't get much playing time. So we wanted him to get more playing time this game."

On CB Dexter McDougle's lack of playing time because of injury:

"Yeah I mean injuries happen, unfortunately, and you didn't get a good look at him. But we weigh the pluses and minuses and make a decision from there."

On if they should have gone for a two-point conversion:

"Tough call. [Laughter] Yes, I would have probably gone for two. But we don't have to cross that bridge so, hey."

On the fact that he challenged a play tonight even though he said the other day he wouldn't challenge any plays in this game:

"It looked like a good challenge to me. [Laughter] There wasn't going to be any challenges, but we were down and we were right there, we had them backed up. If we could have got it, I might not have gone for two."

On how many roster spots are still up in the air and how many swings spots exist:

"There are a couple. There are about five or six of them."

On getting out of the preseason relatively healthy:

"I'll wait for people who got banged up and I'll see tomorrow. But for the most part, yes."

On whether anyone got hurt today:

"Nobody got hurt badly, no."

On if he has an update on LB David Harris:

"No, just getting treatment right now. We will have a better feel probably middle toward the end of next week."

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