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Game Vs. Jets: Head Coach Rex Ryan

Opening statement: "I was very pleased with our offense. The whole game (they) really did some great things. Danny Woodhead is the first guy you really have to tip your hat to. I was told a stat that it was the second most rushing yards by anybody in preseason history (since 1992 when the NFL began keeping records). So that says a heck of a lot. I think he wants us to know that he wants to be on this football team. I thought our quarterbacks played well. Obviously I was happy with the way our first unit did on offense driving down. I think (Mark) Sanchez was (5-of-5) passing. We looked good. We did a nice job getting into the end zone. I was disappointed on the first unit in defense. Sometimes if you just lay your jock out there something like that can happen to you. We can touch that up any way you want to (laughing). The penalties and all that stuff, we'll look at that and see how we can teach the technique differently. We need to look at that stuff.

"I think the defense really responded (in) the second half. We got after them pretty good in the locker room. I thought our guys responded. I think we had seven sacks. Michael Vick is not your average guy back there. When I saw him run that one time I was like ""oh."" We were playing vanilla defense, both of us, until it got real competitive at the end. A call or two slipped in there on both sides, them as well as us (laughing). I still don't have an answer on who can cover the Clown (David Clowney). But I am happy with this football team. This is a good football team. We're going to find out next week. And really everybody is going to find out next week. That is what I am excited about."

On if Danny Woodhead did enough to make the team: "Well, we'll see. It always comes down to numbers. I don't know what more he is supposed to do. We'll see. He had a heck of a game. He is tougher than nails. He works everyday. For a guy that overcame the injury like he had, you certainly pull for him."

On who broke the no-blitzing agreement: "I think they're going to say I did, but I don't believe I did. We ran a four-man rush and I don't think they did a good job of identifying the fourth guy. That's what led to the fumble for Vick. Then they started to blitz. Andy (Reid) is a great guy. He probably knew we wouldn't go a whole game without blitzing. That's an excellent football team over there and I wish him the best. He's a class guy."

On if Michael Vick was a little better than he would have expected considering the layoff: "I don't know. I was surprised we were able to sack him as many times as we did."

On Jets penalties on defense: "I'm concerned. I want to make sure we're teaching our guys correctly and really look at it. I want to see if it was an obvious foul. I want Lito (Sheppard) playing football and staying aggressive, but we'll have to see the film."

On Vernon Gholston's sack: "It was great. It was the first of many. We're going to approach it that way. It was good to see him get one after last week when he got one and then hit the quarterback. I thought he was physical against the run as well. I was happy with the way he played."

On the backup quarterbacks: "I like our roster. We have depth. I think we have three quarterbacks who can play."

On Kellen Clemens: "He hasn't gotten the reps. He only threw two balls today. One was a perfect pass and we just dropped it. He's done a nice job in practice. His elbow has been a little banged up, but Kellen has been doing a good job in practice."

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