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Game vs. Jets: Head Coach Andy Reid

On injuries sustained during the game: "[G] Max [Jean-Gilles] had a knee sprain, and he'll have an MRI in the morning. [RB Lorenzo] Booker had a hip pointer. [DT Dan] Klecko had a wrist contusion. [DT Trevor] Laws had cramps – dehydration."

On the game: "I saw some good things. Now we'll go back, evaluate the film, and make the cuts. I thought there were some guys here who really showed well for themselves. There were other guys that didn't. We'll determine that. [General Manager] Tom [Heckert] and I will get together in the morning and we'll make that determination."

On how he divided the reps at fullback: "Tony went the first half, and Jason went the second half. We tried to give them basically the same plays and the same looks in the blocking game."

On the progress of QB Kevin Kolb during the preseason: "He's playing good football. I would even take it to the first couple of weeks of camp. He struggled with a couple of things, he worked through that, he didn't get down on himself, and he came out of this camp in a real positive way."

On tough roster decisions that have to be made on the defensive line and in the secondary: "We'll see how it goes here. There are a couple of other decisions that won't be easy, but that's a good thing. I told the guys the first day of camp that they need to make it as hard on Tom [Heckert] and I as they possibly can. There are some spots here that are tough calls, but we'll make the right ones."

On the back-up quarterbacks behind Donovan McNabb: "I think we have a good situation. Kevin is ready to play, and A.J. [Feeley] has already proven that he can play. I think that's a real positive thing right now. I have no problem putting Kevin in the game right now and knowing that he'll do a good job."

On the play of DE Jerome McDougle: "He's done a heck of a job, and he's played good football. I'll have to go back and look at this [film], but he played the whole game and made a couple of nice plays in there."

On the possible impact of this year's Eagles draft picks: "I think they have a chance to, with [Quintin] Demps being one of them as a return man. He still has to continue to work on his secondary techniques. He has the skills, he just needs the fundamental work. As a return man, he sure looks like he has a little zip to him."

On whether he was impressed by the play of the reserve linebackers: "I thought [Akeem] Jordan did a nice job in some areas. I thought [Joe] Mays did some good things. Those are two of our younger guys that we kind of like there."

On the play of rookie middle linebacker Joe Mays: "He has taken what he did in college and transferred it over to this camp. You really saw him show up in college. As far as [calling] the signals go, he's done a nice job of that. He handles that well. The area that needs to improve is in the pass game, and he's been working very hard on that. We knew that would be a challenge for him, but he's getting better on that. It would have been nice to see him tip that ball down in the end there, where he had an opportunity, but he'll learn from that. Next time he'll drop a foot deeper and jump an inch higher and he'll be right in position to make that play."

On how much of his mind is already made up in regard to roster decisions: "Normally you'd say a good 70 to 80 percent is made up, but then you have those question marks that you guys have mentioned here and a few others. We have to go in there and hammer that out."

On the play of rookie defensive end Bryan Smith: "He did better. In college he was a great pass rusher. That was at a little bit smaller school, but he was a dominant pass rusher in college. He came here, and he's been almost a better run player than he has a pass rusher, which surprised me. Today he showed that he can do both. He has to continue to improve there both in the pass and in the run. But we can work with that right there. He's done a nice job."

On why he chose not to play rookie wide receiver DeSean Jackson: "He did a nice job for us. It was one of those subjective decisions there. I thought that he'd been playing well enough where he could sit this one out."

On whether he had ever previously held a rookie out of the final preseason game: "I was thinking of that when I sat him. I can't right off the top [of my head]. Maybe there was one. I don't know if [former defensive tackle] Corey Simon played in that last [preseason] game. I don't know that."

On whether the injuries to wide receiver Kevin Curtis and defensive end Victor Abiamiri make the roster decisions even more difficult if they are not placed on injured reserve: "I think we're okay there. Most likely we're not going to put them on IR. It makes things tighter because it comes down to a handful of guys that you have to make a decision on that can go either way. I'd rather have it that way, because they're two good football players and they'll be back for us as the season goes on."

On whether he and General Manager Tom Heckert will evaluate the roster decisions tonight or in the morning: "Tom and I will meet in the morning. That doesn't mean we won't go back [tonight], but we will hammer that part out in the morning when we are fresh – or fresher."

On what separates Brett Favre from the other quarterbacks in the NFL: "Obviously, the number of games that he has played. He's still an amazing player. He's got a great arm and a great attitude. You'll see that the things he brings to [the Jets] is a calming, have fun, we're going to try to rip their hearts out attitude. That will be contagious amongst your football team."

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