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Game Vs. Jets: Eagles Offense

RB Dion Lewis

On his thoughts about the preseason: "I think it went pretty decent.  I got a chance to make some key plays and key blocks.  It's time to grow up as a football player and just learn."

On how much he had to prove himself this summer: "You just have to come in and make impressions on the coaches.  You get limited reps, but you have to make the most of what you can do.  When I do get those reps, I just have to play my style of football."

On whether he expects to be the primary kick returner: "I don't know.  Last game I was back there for the first half and I didn't really get a kick return.  I feel comfortable doing that.  I just need to get more reps in practice and I'll be able to develop pretty well I feel.  I haven't returned kicks since high school."

G Danny Watkins

On how it felt to be out there: "It was another game, just more experience getting ready for the regular season. It was good. I was looking forward to it. The more playing time I can get, the better."

On why he felt like it was beneficial for him to play in this game: "Like I said, the more experience for me, the better. We didn't have the rookie OTAs or anything like that, so I'm just trying to make up for lost time."

On how what he learned in this game can be taken into the regular season: "Just seeing different defensive fronts like this where it's changing and you have to prepare for it, it's good. Throughout the season we're going to see different looks and this is good experience just getting ready for that."

On how the offensive line was able to contribute to the success of RB Dion Lewis and the running game: "When you give a guy who has that much talent, a hole and an opportunity to run, you know he's going to do good things. The offensive line, we were clicking in the run game and it's good to see he was able to get through those holes like that."

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