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Game Vs. Jets: Eagles Offense


Eagles QB Chase Daniel

On how it felt tonight: "It was good, you know. We didn't execute very well on offense as best as we should. But that's the learn process and luckily for us those games, in hindsight, really mean nothing. And Doug (Eagles Head Coach Doug Pederson) hit it right on the head (saying), 'Hey let's go out and prepare as best as we can for the Cleveland Browns because that is all of our focus moving forward.' So it was good to end the preseason on a high note 4-0. You know, you always want to win all of them, but really our focus is on the Cleveland Browns.

On what he wanted to accomplish tonight: "Just trying to get into a rhythm a little bit. Anytime you get out there, you just want to go and get a rhythm. I felt like we did for the most part. The interception in the red zone just can't happen; tried to get a little greedy there. But I felt, for the most part, our offensive line played really well and same with our receivers.

On what happened in the first interception and if he saw the linebacker: "Yeah I did, I just thought that I could get it over him. The guy made a good play, when the ball goes tipped up, straight in the air, it's never a good thing.

On chemistry with WR Paul Turner and Paul Turner's case he's made on a roster spot: "I don't know if you can make a stronger case. I mean I saw a stat on our video board today that said he has the most catches in preseason and the 70/80 yard punt return showed his speed a little bit. So he's done everything, especially as an undrafted rookie free agent, that you could possibly ask for. He's put it on tape. I have felt really good throwing to him, I know Sam's (QB Sam Bradford) felt really good throwing to him; same with Carson (QB Carson Wentz). We'll just have to wait and see what happens.

If Paul Turner deserves a spot: "Yeah, absolutely. I think the guy has done everything that's asked of him. Unfortunately for me, I don't make those decisions. But I absolutely believe he deserves a spot on this team.

On his excitement to see a young, undrafted rookie free agent like Paul Turner step-up: "It's cool, absolutely. Especially an undrafted player, no one expects anything out of you and he has come in from day one of training camp and day one of OTA's and worked his tail off. It showed. He's such a smart, smart receiver and it's hard to find those type of guys when they're young and don't really know the offense. But this guy knows the offense backwards and forwards. And he catches everything literally thrown his way. So that's really all you can ask for from a young receiver."

On his confidence level in how he played during the preseason: "I feel really confident. I thought for the most part, throughout this entire preseason, I threw the ball pretty well. Interceptions are going to happen but luckily they happen in games that don't count. So it's not going to determine my confidence at all. I've been doing this for eight years now so for me it's about the next game and we are excited for the Cleveland Browns."

Eagles WR Jordan Matthews

On worrying about veteran leadership in the room: "I don't ever worry. That is the last thing I would do. I look at it as an honor and embrace it. Like I said, there is no requirement on enlightenment. Once you know, you know. If you know better, what do you do? You do better. So, the first couple of years I have been playing I have learned some things. I have taken some things out and I have added things. I don't look at it as, 'I am 24 (years old).' No. As a leader on this team and in this receiving group I take full responsibility for that and I look forward to it. "

On WR Paul Turner's finish to the preseason: "Yeah, I wasn't surprised though. Paul, on the second or third day of camp, we were in pads and we were going through one-on-one and he kept getting open, consistently getting open and catching the ball. Over time, I was like, 'That's pretty good. This is a good player we got here.' He doesn't look real intimidating. He could walk by you in a super market and you could go, 'OK, there's another guy.' He can go out here and play some football, so I am rooting for him and I hope he makes this team. He belongs on that field. I think it is evident to see, and I am pulling for him. I love watching Paul go out there and play."

On if he would be surprised if WR Paul Turner did not make the team: "I don't like to get into all of that stuff because that goes into decisions I can't make and that are way over my level of expertise. But at the same time, like I said, I feel like I can say I love having Paul in the receiver room and I love what he brings. He brings confidence and humility. He asks questions, but at the same time, there are things he just gets and understands and he goes out there and applies it to his game. So, like I said, I really want him in that room with us. He is a great player and he belongs in the NFL."

Eagles WR Dorial Green-Beckham

On the wide receiver group as a whole: "We came out and we caught the ball. We made plays. Paul Turner had a good return. That is always big for our role, it set off a light in our room...We just have to continue to do the right things and have fun."

On what he sees from WR David Watford moving from quarterback to receiver: "His work ethic. He always shows up to practice every day, just hungry to get in there, trying to make plays. I feel like as a quarterback playing a receiver, he sees a lot of things as a quarterback lining up as a receiver, so he always throws out what he is used to seeing so it helps us as a wide-out."

On where he is comfort-wise with the entire situation; coaching staff and city: "Right now I feel real comfortable being around these guys for going on three weeks now, it has been real comfortable for me and I feel like in our position, we help each other out and we have each other's back. So when things are going the right way or going wrong, we always communicate. And that is one thing we have to continue to keep doing."

On the difference between here and Tennessee: "By the end of the day, it is football. You just have to continue doing those things like going back to the fundamentals. Most guys forget about those little details but that stuff is critical when it comes to close games. You just always have to stay focused and stay on your game and do the best you can to help your teammates."

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