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Game Vs. Jets: Eagles Defense


The following quotes were compiled after the Eagles' 14-6 victory over the New York Jets  ...

Eagles S Ed Reynolds

On his 90-yard interception run:

Reynolds: "It was just great pass rush. I think [DE] Bryan Braman came off the edge and made some disruption. I was playing the route solid and I was like, 'There is no way he is throwing this ball.' And he threw it and it just came and the rest happened. It was a great team play overall. It was the only route he could really throw to, and then Bryan Braman taking him off the spot just really made it easy for me."

On what he wanted to accomplish to put a signature, individually, on this last preseason game:

Reynolds: "I think, for me, just to play an overall flawless game. Be as flawless as possible. Football is never really perfect. You try to minimize the mistakes. I definitely wanted to go out and make a statement somehow. It started out with that one hit. We didn't get the penalty on it, but I wanted to come out and make a statement just for the defense as a whole. I just wanted to make sure that group out there, whether it is twos, threes, whatever it may be that we came out with passion and we still play the kind of defense our first team would do. So I wanted to bring that and just have the plays come to me and not try to force anything too hard. And that is what I did tonight, and that is how it played out."

On how it felt to put a stamp on the game with the 90-yard return:

Reynolds: "It felt great. Like I said, it is just one of those things where you just don't try to force it too hard, because the moment you force it is the moment you are going to make that error that can slide you the completely opposite way of what you are trying to accomplish. So I just made sure I went out there cool, calm, and collected, and let the plays come to me and it did tonight." 

Eagles CB Eric Rowe

On how he feels he finished the preseason:

Rowe: "It was definitely strong. Every play that I was in there when we were playing man [coverage], no ball was completed at me, and that was a goal that I had. Every game I strive for zero percent completions if it's man-to-man. If it's zone [coverage] then I can't do much, but I think I finished up strong."

On his adjustment to a new defensive scheme:

Rowe: "It took me a while, but I think [head coach] Doug [Pederson] did a good job of making the practices hard. The practices were tough for me, but when it came to the games, I felt like, 'This is cake. This is nothing for me.' I think that was a good thing that Doug had going on. I do think I fit this scheme and this attack-style defense that he wants with island man coverage on the outside."

On whether he feels his roster spot is secure:

Rowe: "I can't say that because it's not in my control. All I can do is my thing in the game like I did today. I can't really say yes or no."

On what his expectations are for the season:

Rowe: "Hopefully to be a starter. That's everybody's goal. You just have to keep working your way through practice and showing the coaches what you can do. If they make a change, you have to have their trust, so I just have to keep working on that."

Eagles DE Marcus Smith

On playing for a coaching staff this preseason that did not draft him:

Smith: "I don't really think about it like that in those terms. I just go out there and play. I know that stopping the run will be a big thing when it comes to rushing the passer. You have to stop the run first. If I can be good at that, then sacks will come. That's what I really want to be. I want to be a 10-plus sack guy."

On how LT Jason Peters has helped him improve as a pass rusher:

Smith: "He has helped me out a lot. Every day at practice he tells me things that tackles look for, so it helps me out when I'm rushing against different people in the game. Going up against him, he's the best of the best, so it doesn't get any better than that."

On proving himself to the coaching staff:

Smith: "I'm just out here playing the game that I love. I've been playing [football] since I was five years old. I just can't wait for Cleveland [on September 11]."

Eagles DE Steven Means

On if there something that has clicked for him physically on the field:

Means: "Hunger. The hunger has been building up for a while. Ever since my rookie year [it's] been building up, and God is shining His light on me."

On how he's been able to progress from going up against T Jason Peters in practice:

Means: "He taught me a lot. And then when I come off to the sideline, he's a guy that'll run over to me and [say], 'Oh, you got him with this,' 'Go to this move next,' and a lot of the time it works."

On how he's approaching the next day or two while he waits to see if he made the team:

Means: "No worries. I leave it all in God's hands. And my faith is high, so my worries are low. So, I'm not worried about nothing. Whatever is going to happen is going to happen, and I just let the pieces lay where they fall."

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