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Game Vs. Jaguars: QB Kevin Kolb

On his feelings going into the game: "I thought that there was a lot of energy. I think that it is just the way that we carry ourselves as a team. You see it in practice, you feel it in the locker room, and you obviously felt it tonight. That is what you need, you need guys that will come out and play fast with energy. It was exciting tonight with those first couple of drives."

On whether he was happy with the offense and settling for field goals: "Yeah, I thought that was the only setback. And, of course we had a couple of easy plays slip away from us. But, overall, it was a positive night. The thing that I like about the red zone is that is was self inflicted. There were a couple of things that we did on our own. We had the holding call, and then we had to execute there on the first drive. It is stuff we can easily fix. We obviously want touchdowns, but I thought sustaining those two drives was a good start."

On whether looking off the first defender and then going to the receiver was something he's trying to work with: "Yeah, absolutely. You get a feel for the game time atmosphere. You go. A couple times tonight, the primary guy was there. A couple of times you had to move around the pocket to make stuff happen. There were a few times that I think, three in particular, which I could have progressed throughout the rest of the read and probably had an easier throw."

On making plays with his legs: "It all starts with the offensive line. The thing that I always preach to them is to stay with your blocks. That's what they did tonight. If they continue to finish, then it allows us to make plays on the field. And, our receivers do a great job on scramble drills. So, it's a team effort when that kind of thing happens. Obviously, it is something that we want to continue to work on, and it can be another asset to our offense."

On Mike McGlynn at center: "I thought he did great. He is very vocal, he is intelligent obviously, and he does a nice job in the huddle. That's where it starts for the offense and for all of us. It starts in the huddle. And, he did a good job stepping in there and will hopefully do a good job in the future."

On whether he feels he still has a lot to prove: "I think it's the first step. Or it's the next step, I should say. The first step was mini camps then training camp. I'm just taking it one step at a time. I don't want to look too far forward. I wanted to have a positive outing today. I thought we did that. It wasn't great, nothing spectacular, but we did well. It's a good place to start and we'll just keep building and that's our mentality. Just keep getting better. We're a young group and the sky's the limit, we just want to keep getting better every day."

On how the win will affect the team going back to Lehigh: "It's exciting. You can hold your head up a little bit walking out of here. It was just good to see a different color for a while. We've been seeing ourselves for so long and to get out there and be able to test it against somebody else was nice. And now we know what we can work on, where we need to detail up our work a little bit and again, it gives us a starting place. It's obviously not where we want to finish, but it gives us a starting place."

On what he thought was the biggest critique and the biggest strength of the game: "I think there were a few times where if I just would have pressed the play a little bit more, meaning that I could have just scrambled a little bit longer or done some things, I think I could have made a little bit better play than just throwing it in there. Of course, the one to (TE) Brent (Celek), the little stick route, that's something we should compete all the time. Brent and I are always on the same page with that and we weren't on the same page. So there were a few there. I think overall just the way we moved the ball. I mean I think we had, of course this was the two's as well, I think we had 300-and something yards of offense at halftime. So we're moving the ball well, we just need to stick in it the end zone when we get down there in the red zone."

On whether he challenged himself mentally with any plays: "There were a few run situations. You know, preseason is a little bit bland, so we didn't do a whole lot of preparation for it. We wanted to see talent-wise where we're at. But there were a few run situations that we got out of and got some other things that ended up being good for us and the backup quarterbacks did the same type of stuff. I think as much as we prepared, I thought we did a good job as far as getting us the right play."

On whether he lobbied to stay in the game longer: "Yeah, you want to finish those drives obviously and want to put one in the end zone. But look, the one thing I've learned about (Head Coach) Andy (Reid) is that you never question him. He always has a plan and he always knows what he's doing and he puts a lot of thought into his decisions, so I never question the big man."

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