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Game Vs. Jaguars: QB David Garrard

On what he and the coaches thought after his tackle: "After that I kind of tweaked my ankle a little bit so I was like, you know what, I think I'm getting too many dings out here in this game. (Offensive Coordinator) Dirk (Koetter) said, 'Your night is done.' I was happy I made the tackle though. I thought it was a pretty easy tackle."

On whether the team is ready on offense or if they need more work: "We are definitely heading in the right direction. I think we're definitely ready to go out and play a pro football game. We still want to clean a few things up. Once again, we want to be just better on third downs. All in all, I think we're definitely getting a good feel for each other and we're ready to get this thing started."

On his and WR Nate Hughes' injuries: "You just hate for guys to get hit around the head area and to be lying on the ground. I didn't care how I looked on the ground, it was burning pretty bad. I was going to kick and flail around; anything I could to get that sensation out of there. Luckily I was okay and luckily (WR) Nate (Hughes) was okay. Those are all the prices of playing football. You're going to have times where you're going to get hit in the head. You're going to stand up and you're going to be a little wobbly or your neck is going to be burning like mine was. Hopefully the Lord protects you and He allows you to walk away from it."

On whether he thought his injury was worse initially: "I think I was just pretty scared at first but then once I got my senses under me, it was still burning, but I realized it was just a stinger. I could move my arms and my legs and everything was fine. I wasn't scared for that; I was just trying to get the pain out of there."

On the interception by CB Asante Samuel: "I think (CB) Asante (Samuel) made a good play. He had good leverage on (WR) Torry (Holt) and he just made him jump. That's what he does. Then we were able to get inside on him. Torry wasn't able to come up with the catch, but those are the things where you have to count on their strengths. I think, offensively, we're definitely headed in the right direction."

On playing through an injury or getting hit: "You want your team to know that they can count on you no matter how bad you're getting beat up out there; no matter how hard you're getting hit. You want to be looked at as a tough guy and a guy that is going to get back out there and stay in the pocket and take more shots. You don't want to take too many because you want to be able to stand. It happens sometimes where you do have to be able to wipe the dirt off and get back out there and keep throwing."

On whether he wants to be viewed as a tough player by his teammates: "I think everybody knows I'm somewhat of a tough hombre. I try to do my best with taking shots and still being able to throw, still completing the pass. Bouncing up off the ground, showing no pain when I can. Sometimes it's tough, but that's just playing the game. You try to do what you can and hopefully it's good enough."

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