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Game Vs. Jaguars: Head Coach Andy Reid

"(I'm going to) complement our defense, in particular our defensive line, they really sent the tone for the game. How they played was reckless and abandoned. I was proud of how they went about business today.

"The offense did a good job too. I thought Michael (Vick) had a good day because he can't obviously do that by himself. It starts up front with the guys around him. He ran for a touchdown and threw for a couple more too. He also look like did he a good job on third down - we had some third and longs and he was able to convert those (plays).

"Special teams, we did some good things on the coverage teams. I thought we were flying around reckless and aggressive. We just got to cut back on penalties -too many penalties and we got to a better job there.

"All in all, I was proud of the guys for the effort and the intensity they had because this is a tough place to play. We haven't had a lot of luck here, but they didn't really care and came down here and play their hearts out. My hat goes off to Jack Del Rio and his football team because they are banged up a little and they played their hearts out today too."

On if rotating defensive line more helped today: "Well, we put (Darryl) Tapp up for this game and what they allowed us to do was have a guy up there that can stop the run and the pass. We had to get a better rotation down with that for this particular team. I thought he played well with what I saw, but again I will have to look at the tape on it. With him being able to play, it freed us up to put him in to play those situations at that defensive end spot and that was the plan with the heat."

On if the Jeremy Maclin TD was an example of Vick getting comfortable with the guys: "Before we get into that stuff, we went max protection. We had everyone staying in out to help the protection and he (Vick) kind of bounced around in there. It was a double move we ran and both sides ran the same route so he knew he had to get it in the end zone or throw it away – that's the way it was designed there."

On if he was happy with change after Vick's play today: "He's been playing his heart out for the last six quarters, including this game here. He played his heart out today so it's more about him than me than anything else. It's a tribute to what he has done and how he has handled things. I'm proud of him for doing that."

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