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Game Vs. Jaguars: Eagles Offense

WR Jeremy Maclin

On the play of QB Michael Vick: "I thought he looked alright. He only got a few snaps, but I thought he executed when he was in there. I thought he did very well."

On whether Vick was trying to lighten the mood in the huddle: "No, he was all smiling. I'm pretty sure he was excited to be out there."

On his own progress and performance tonight: "Yes, to go out there (and) actually learn the offense, get more comfortable, and the biggest thing is just making plays when the ball comes your way. That's pretty much all you can do right now."

On whether any challenges existed from rotating Vick and QB Donovan McNabb: "No. Not at all."

On whether he feels he took a step forward tonight: "Oh yeah, I felt good all week, all through practice. I felt like I did fairly well tonight, but there's always room for improvement, so I'll go back and look at the tape and see where I can get better."

On the hard hit he absorbed tonight: "Yes, I'm fine. My hip turned, got banged up a little bit, but I'm fine."

On all the playmakers on offense being on the field at the same time: "There's a lot of stuff you can do. I'm sure as the season progresses we'll have a lot more stuff to throw out there."

QB Kevin Kolb

On whether he was surprised with his strong finish: "No, I'm not surprised, because the first play was horrendous on my part. I was in the hole already, I had no choice but to come back and throw some good balls. It was a good ending, but a terrible start."

On whether Vick was talkative on the sidelines: "Not really. We were caught up in the game and trying to get a good offensive series together there. We thought he did a great job, obviously, (with) all the circumstances of the day he's been through. He can take a deep breath now and hunker down and start playing ball. Shoot, all the reads he had tonight he made spot on. He made great reads."

On the fans' reaction to Vick tonight: "I loved it. (On the) sidelines, you should've seen it. I don't know if you all were watching it but we were going crazy. We were all wondering how the fans were going to react, and when they started cheering we were going nuts. We all feel for him and we want the best for him, and obviously tonight was a good start in that direction."

On how it feels to lead the come-from-behind victory despite being in preseason: "It feels great. This is when I get a lot of my reps. This is like a (regular-season) game for me. You have to approach it that way. It felt like everybody did. Everybody in the huddle was determined to go down there and win the game, and we were lucky enough to get it done."

WR Jason Avant

On how the fans reacted to Vick: "I thought they accepted him really well here. It just lets you know that Philly is a forgiving town. They love him here. As a team, we love Mike here. He's a great teammate. He's answered all the questions. He did so many different things (on the field tonight) and we just love him for it."

On his own performance tonight: "They threw the ball, I caught it."

On Vick's performance: "He made a couple guys miss. It's going to take him a while to get after them. Being away for two years, I thought he did good. He stepped into a couple throws. He looks better than most people are expecting. This is a game -- at this level, with these types of athletes -- that you just can't come back into and be the same player. But tonight, he proved that he still has a lot left to play."

On the outcome of the game: "It's always good to win. We play the game of football to win. I think you have fun when you win. It's a preseason game and we want to win the game, but at the same time we want to get guys looks and give everybody a chance to play."

WR Hank Baskett

On the deep pass he caught from Vick: "He looked good. He definitely has an arm on him. He read the defense (well). It's all about being on the same page. No matter what happens, it's all about the quarterback and the receiver being on the same page. On that play, we happened to be reading the same thing. I came back, he moved, he read that I was going to come back, and he put the ball where it needed to be. He made a play."

On Vick's performance: "He's been showing great signs, and great character and poise throughout practice. And he came out here and did it tonight. He played a good game."

On whether it was good to get Vick into the game right away: "Yes, it's definitely good. No one knew what was going to happen tonight. He handled it very well. Everybody handled it very well. Now the public is in on what we can do with him out on the field."

On any concerns with the offensive struggles in the red zone: "No, there is no concern whatsoever. We're going to patch those things up and get things going. Tonight was the last night for the starters to get out there, and yes we've got some things to finish up before the season gets going. But it's good we got it out of the way now. It's going to be ready by opening day."

WR DeSean Jackson

On what it was like having Michael Vick on the field: "I think it was really important for him to get out there. Get some things going and get into that rhythm, as far as being with the starters, flying around and making a lot of plays. But we all still have a lot of work to do. As we get to practice more, we can keep grinding and keep getting better."

On whether there were any issues with the substitutions: "Well I don't think that had much impact. I thought Donovan (McNabb) wanted to be out there a little more because of how things were going, not to take anything away from (Michael) Vick. I thought we did a decent job but we have to keep trying to get it done out there. There was a little bit of confusion. We wanted to get the ball up field a little more."

On the overall play of Michael Vick: "I think he looked pretty good to me. There was time when if he looked at me I was open in the corner of the end-zone and it would have been a touchdown. He did good and I'm looking forward to heading into the season and moving from here."

On the trick plays that could be used in the offense: "I think we already knew what could be in store with all of us on the field at the same time. We're all capable of doing that but I don't think anything tonight could have really shown what we can do. I think when the time is right, we'll be a lot more in, and certain packages with Donovan (McNabb) and as long as we're all on the same page, it'll be alright."

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