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Game Vs. Jaguars: Eagles Locker Room

WR DeSean Jackson On working with Vick: "It's a good situation to be in to have a quarterback who has been here since last year. He's worked so hard to get back where he needs to be and it's a great opportunity for himself to go out there and prove everybody wrong and who's doubted him. It just shows that the quarterback, if he stays patient and your number is called on, you're able to come out here and just make things happen. It's a big plus for the receivers, the offense, as a team, for a guy to come in and spark us up like that. It's a pretty good situation."

On Vick's strong performance in short time: "The biggest thing with Mike is that he's been in this situation before and he's had these opportunities. He's been a big-time quarterback in Atlanta. I think not playing two years definitely hurt him a little bit but as far as his speed and his game, his instincts, have come back fast. A lot of the things he's able to do are the characteristics of things he's always been able to and the gift he's been able to bring to our team."

DE Trent Cole On shutting down Jacksonville offense: "We were determined to come down here andwin. We had one goal in mind."

On being in first place in NFC East: "It feels great. We're starting the season off well and are back on track. We're just going to keep building."

On facing former Eagle Donovan McNabb:"It's going to be a big game for everybody. He used to be our quarterback and now we have to play him. We're not going to treat him any differently than any other opponent. He's on the opposite team so he's the enemy. So, we're coming."

On trying to contain Jones-Drew: "That was very important for us. He's a hard runner and has great vision coming to the line and picking up holes. We did what we needed to do to contain him."

DT Trevor Laws On first sack: "I came in today and played like I feel like I should have been playing for my whole career, got my first sack which is a great feeling out there. I went camp healthy for the first time this year. I've been banged up the last couple of years and it's all about having a healthy body for me."

On leading league in points allowed coming into game against Jaguars: "It's a tough stat. I didn't even realize it until somebody told me. That's embarrassing and we know we are a whole lot better defense than that. It's shocking, but hopefully we're moving in a different direction right now."

RB LeSean McCoy On playing with Michael Vick: "There's so much negative feedback that he (Michael Vick) gets, but he has so much positive energy for this team. We support him 110 percent."

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