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Game vs. Giants RB Brian Westbrook

On his view of the last two runs at the end of the game:"It's tough. We first tried to do a sweep outside to a pitch and then we tried to do a outside zone. I think on that last play we over shifted to the right side and tried to take away that running play a little bit. We have to do a better job of finding the hole and try to get those two or three yards and if we do that we get a first down there."

On whether the sweep play was called because of a lack of timeouts:"I know that they had met the coaches on the sidelines. I wasn't over there so I wasn't exactly sure why they called that play. I would think that the time wasn't the important thing. Getting the first down was probably more important than anything."

On not being able to convert short yardage situations:"In the running game, of course it starts with the offensive line. At the bottom, the real kicker is the running back. I have to find a way to make those third downs and fourth downs into first downs. I have to do a better job of getting in there and converting in those situations."

On whether not converting short yardage situations hurts the team's confidence:"I'm not concerned about our confidence. I think that we just have to go out there and get it done. Coach Reid continues to believe in it. We just didn't get it done. I blame myself a little bit for not being able to get up in there and get that third down for us."

On whether they are frustrated in not being able to win close games:"We know that we were playing a very good team. We have to find a way to win those games. If we do that, then we will be where we want to be at. We will look at the tape and we will go back and try to review every situation and try to find a way to win those close ones."

On whether he is confident in being able to turn the season around:"We are still confident. We know that we played a very good team tonight. We matched up well, we had some turnovers and things like that, and some penalties that hurt us a little bit. If we eliminate those things and I do a better job myself then we should be okay."

On how to get the offense into a rhythm at the beginning of games:"I think that early on in the game, we left the defense on the field way too long. We weren't running the ball good. We weren't really completing our passes either. We have to keep the defense off the field. I think that in the past what we've done to get our offense going is to run the ball a little bit more, but hopefully we'll do that soon."

On whether he believes if winning the NFC East is attainable:"We still have opportunities. We still have to play all of those NFC East teams again. We've played close games against them all. We have to tweak some things, fix some penalties, some minor errors that we made, mental as well as physical errors, and if we do that then we'll be right in the game with all those guys."

On mental errors made by the offense:"I don't think that there were too many mental errors. I have to find a way to get those first downs. If I do that then we can move the ball down the field. I'm going to go back and look at the film and see if I can do something different and if I can than I'm going to correct it."

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