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Game vs. Giants: RB Brian Westbrook

On how confident QB Donovan McNabb is playing…
He's playing very well. He's been asked to carry this team and he's been doing a great job. His being confident and he's been helping his other teammates, including me, to stay focused and stay on task. You ask a leader to do those types of things.

On playing looser and better after the tie game against Cincinnati…
We always play better when we are loose. When we are tight we struggle a bit. Those games where we weren't loose we weren't playing together as a team and we weren't executing. Today against a great team like the Giants we executed on defense and just enough on offense to win the game.

On McNabb's benching affecting the QB's play…That's a better question for Donovan. This team has done the things we needed to do to help support Donovan. I'm not sure how much of a role the benching played.

On his play today affecting the outcome…
We are a well rounded team. The Giants did a good job of trying to stop the run. They put nine guys up there to try and stop the run. It was their main focus. When you have a good team like we do, you have other players step up like Kevin Curtis, DeSean Jackson. They did a great job of stepping up and Donovan did a great job of finding those guys. The offensive line did a great job today, I don't think the Giants had any sacks. Anytime you try to stop one guy on a team, and we are a team, you have a problem stopping everybody.

On Donovan's second half play changing the perception about him… I don't know if his goal is to change the perception about him, it's to continue to be himself. He's a great leader and he continues to do those great things that lead us as a team into victory.

On playing better in the second half… We made some adjustments at halftime. We did a good job of doing what our coaches asked us to do. We didn't have very much success running the ball in the first or second half but Donovan was on point, the receivers were running crisp routes, and getting yards after the catch.

On the defense this season… Anytime you have a great team you have to have a great defense and they've done a great job of carrying us throughout the season. When you have a great defense like we have you can go far.

On being a wild card team that is winning playoff games…Like everyone always says, if you get hot at the right time, you are going to be dangerous in the playoffs. Everyone knows the cliché 'defense wins you championships' and our defense is playing lights out. They are getting turnovers. They are getting stops and when you have that and an offense that has great players across the board we are going to be very dangerous.

On being a team with a record of 5-5-1 earlier in the season… No question. That's what we were. We've found a way to play more consistent football by doing the right things more consistently. When you do that you put yourself in a great position to win.

On winning today's game… Our goal is to keep winning, get to the Super Bowl and win it. We have to do everything we can to do that. We're glad we won. We knew what we were facing, a tough team and a tough environment up until the game. We went out and won and that's all we needed to do.

On next week's matchup… Things change in the postseason. Everyone knows Arizona is much better at home, so we are prepared to go into another hostile environment and hopefully we can go out there and do some of the good things we've been able to do in the past.

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