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Game Vs. Giants: Quarterback Eli Manning


Giants Quarterback Eli Manning

On the difficulty of continuing to play after the second drive:

"Obviously we had a great first drive and it was about as good as it could be.  The second drive we were going right down there, got good field position, feel like we got a completion, and the guy makes a good play and gets the interception.  I think the next series we had something going.  We took a shot down the field to [TE] Larry [Donnell] on a second and short.  On third down, third and short, we run the ball don't get the first down, and fourth down we don't get it also.  That series hurt us.  We were in good field position and needed to be able to convert that third or fourth down and continue that drive.  After that, you have to give credit to them, they did a good job.  They started getting some pressure, and we didn't run the ball quite as well, and they got us off the field on third down.  I had a bad turnover – a bad interception and giving them a touchdown.  I can't afford to do that.  The defense kept us in it and gave us opportunities and kept getting turnovers.  Offensively we couldn't get anything going, and we couldn't convert on third down.  It's tough to get into a rhythm there in the second half."

On WR Odell Beckham Jr. only having one target in the second half:

"Once we got the lead, they were doubling him a good bit and tried to challenge us to run the ball and probably giving us run looks, but we were down so we're having to throw it and getting pretty good pressure there on their front four.  We knew they are talented.  We knew we would have to get the ball out quickly and started to have to hold it some because of what they were doing and they did a good job."

On the play in the second quarter when Eagles CB Nolan Carroll intercepted his pass for a touchdown:

"It was a terrible read by me.  They got me on the coverage.  I thought they were two man – they were in zone, so bad decision by me to make that throw."

On the effect of WR Rueben Randle slipping during the interception:

"No, it was a bad read and just seemed by the way the nickel was playing that it was some sort of two zone, and I should have gone to my next progression – the next guys in my progression."

On adjustments that were made after the interception intended for Donnell:

"No, not a ton of adjustments.  We were kind of having to hold the ball some and trying to get to our check downs and our second and third reads and just didn't have the time to get down to them.  Their defensive line was talented and getting good pressure we were having to get open quickly and we just didn't get open quickly enough and didn't have time to get down to some of my check downs.  They did a good job.  They are talented up front."

On the fourth-and-one run when RB Rashad Jennings went over the left end:

"You know, I was a little surprised they didn't give us the first down on the play before.  I think we thought that was a first down, and it surprised me we didn't get a measurement on that.  I thought we got a bad spot right there.  I thought we had the first down on the play before.  We ran the ball.  I don't know if Rashad was aware it was a fourth down or not."

On how surprised he was that completions in the 2nd half were hard to find after hitting his first ten passes and a great first drive:

"That's just football sometimes. We just got down a little bit, they got a lead and they're not going to give us any easy completions and make us hold the ball a little bit; [they] played a little bit more zone and two-high, taking away our short stuff. It's tough to find completions out there."

On whether he is disappointed or surprised at the outcome of the game after building momentum going into tonight:

"It's disappointing. I thought we came out ready to play. The first drive set the tone. The defense got a three-and-out. We get the ball again and drive. I thought we fought hard and tried to hang in there, and really the start of the second quarter throughout the second half, we just got outplayed."

On whether TE Larry Donnell had the ball on the interception in the first quarter:

"I could probably make a little better throw, get it up high. But the guy just made a good play on him."

On whether this is a missed opportunity after the way they started:

"I guess every game you lose is a missed opportunity. I think we had a good start, but we do have to play well all four quarters. There are going to be ups and downs in the game with their offense and their style. There will be ups and downs throughout the whole game and we have to overcome those and we just didn't overcome the downs and get back into a rhythm."

On whether this feels like the kind of game they had last year here:

"No, I thought we had better opportunities. The first drive we had some good things going. Then the second half, they outplayed us."

On whether it's nice to have a short turnaround before the Dallas game next week to get the loss out of their mind:

"Yeah, we just have to overcome it. We have to get ready for Dallas. It's another game in the division, a big game at home so we have to figure out a way to get a win."

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