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Game Vs. Giants: QB Michael Vick


On the mood of the locker room after the game:** We just wanted to go out and get a win.  First and foremost, that's the ultimate common goal.  Other than that, you're not thinking about what can happen the day after the game.  We just wanted to finish strong and finish with a win.  Unfortunately, we weren't able to do that. 

On putting the season in perspective:I can't even say it was ups and downs.  It was dismal.  It wasn't what we thought.  We came into the season with high expectations and we didn't perform to the best of our abilities by any means.  We have to look back and see what we didn't do correctly and at some point in our futures, we all have to correct them and do them differently. 

On why there is a lack of fight in the team: I don't know how that happens.  You watch us play and we don't exhibit the things that we do in practice.  I don't know where that comes from.  It's frustrating.  It's difficult because, me, I leave it all out on the field and I give it everything I got.  Sometimes, I wish I could play other positions, but I can't.  You do the best you can.  That's all you can ask of yourself.  Football means a lot to a lot of the guys in the locker room, I know it means a lot to me, and I give it everything I got.  Whenever I step onto the field, regardless of the situation, coming back after eight games, I don't care.  I give it everything I got and that's something I can be proud about. 

On how difficult the season was:A: I really don't think I have to explain how difficult it was to go through the type of season we endured.  It is what it is.  If you finish with four or five wins, it's nothing to be happy about.  It's nothing to be proud of.  You don't go through spring training and training camp to go four and twelve.

On whether owner Jeffery Lurie's statement that an 8-8 record wasn't acceptable was a negative: That's our owner's demand.  That's what he wants, that's what he expects.  I would expect a lot of great things as well, especially after the finish and the way we finished last year.  The season before, the type of season we've had, so it's just expectation.  You have to place that on the coaches and the players in order to perform. 

On why teams should be confident that Vick can be a starter in the NFL: I can't answer that for you. 

On whether Vick wants to be an Eagle next year: I don't know.  I just have to take time to think about everything that happened this season and reflect on it.  I can take the positives away, as far as what I was able to accomplish.  Ultimately, I wish we could have accomplished more for my teammates.  I don't know right now, I just need to get some rest. 

On how he feels about head coach Andy Reid: He's a great man and I love him to death and I wish we wouldn't be having this conversation right now.  I wish I could have done more.  Hopefully, a lot of players in the locker room feel like they could have done more.  Coach can't go out and play the game.  He can only coach.  That's our responsibility to go out there and make it right, and we didn't.

On him saying he saw a lack of fire from his teammates: Let's clear this up, I'm not saying my teammates gave a lack of effort and I noticed it.  I just know we can play better.  That's what I'm saying.  You're down 21-0 and the first quarter is not even over, so what is that?  We don't know, but at the same time, you still have to battle through, you still have to fight through.  I just notice it's a big difference than what we were going through last year and the year before.  It shouldn't be that way.  I have to sit here and be candid right now and if every guy was to come up here to this podium, they would say the same thing I said.  Verbatim.  It is what it is, there really isn't anything to talk about.  I wish all the guys the best in that locker room and we'll see what happens. 

On whether he is a better quarterback now than he was in 2010: I think so, I really do and I say that genuinely and I know what I can do.  I felt good out there after missing eight games.  Coming out there with one week of practice and still somewhat being efficient, fighting the elements and still performing.  We all have to be honest with ourselves and just know that it takes twenty-two guys to win a football game.  Eleven on offense, eleven on defense.  No one man can do it on his own and that's as candid as I can be right now, to help you all down the road. 

On whether he has grown as a quarterback since his days in Atlanta:  I've grown a lot as a quarterback because I've learned so much in protection schemes and learned all the intricate parts of the game that the quarterback has to learn to grow.  You look at my film, there's a lot of things that changed.  I'm playing the game differently now and I've tried to progress.  That's what it's about, growth, but we all have to grow together.  If you don't have that, you won't win too many football games.           

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