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Game Vs. Giants: QB Eli Manning

On whether he was disappointed in result of the game: "I was happy with the team and thought that we really fought hard but just fell a little short at the end. We will regroup and be back with no problems."


On what he saw with the matchup with his receivers at the end of the game: "I could see that the Eagles were playing us man on man and we just needed to execute the plays. We had the ball down to the 23 yard line and I was just trying to get us a little closer on the throw to (WR Ramses) Barden for an easier kick. I was just trying to get us closer for either a score or for the short field goal."


On what occurred on the pass interference with WR Ramses Barden: "Looking back on it I had the corner up top and I should have tried to throw to (WR Ramses) Barden's back shoulder to keep it away from the corner. I would have rather not thrown it so far down the field to cause the pass interference."


On the interception by CB Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie: "Yes we had a play in and I simply did not see Cromartie when he jumped the play. I was hoping he would jump the route early but he did not and I put it right in his hands. I did not see him and cannot afford to make that kind of a throw."

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