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Game Vs. Giants: QB Donovan McNabb

How much easier is it on you when you have the balanced running attack established? "I think for any quarterback, when you have established the run, it sets up the play action and then you can use your drop-back game just to throw them off key a little bit. It was very productive for us today, when we had the run going. It opened up some things outside for us to pass the ball and get some guys involved. This wind was brutal today. We all know here, at Giants Stadium, it seems like they open up those doors and the wind just gets blowing everywhere. But I think offensively, our offensive line did an excellent job of keeping the guys off of me and, obviously, opening up holes for Westbrook. When thirty-six has the ball, you never know what could happen. Offensively, most importantly, time of possession was key. We were able to sustain drives and keep their offense off their field, get their defense tired, and come out with points."

After the last two weeks, do you think you're back in the hunt? "I think at this point, we can't focus in on that. Our main focus is just our next opponent and doing things right in the game. If we continue to do what we've been doing offensively and defensively and special teams, hopefully good things will happen. At this particular point, it's just a one game at a time approach. People say that so much, but in our situation, it's what we have to do."

When you beat the team that everyone is saying is the favorite to repeat, does that leave you guys in the locker room saying "There's nothing we can't do?" "This isn't a moral victory by any means. We should have won the first game. The losses that we've had, we should have won those as well. Things happen throughout the course of a game, whether it's a turnover or they score and then we run out of time, whatever it may be. But we were able to secure the win by establishing the run and controlling the time of possession. When you are able to control the time of possession and be able to come out with points, that puts you in better position to win the game. No turnovers and being able to pick up positive yards. Hopefully we can look at this film, correct the mistakes, come back next week on Monday night and play well against Cleveland."

You got the tight end involved today. Is that key to making this offense whole?"Absolutely. We've said that so many times. I think early on in the season, we were getting the ball out to the guys. Our receivers were making big plays, our guys in the slot were making big plays, our tight ends weren't getting as many catches as they should. This is the time, you get cold weather games where you have to establish the run and teams are either going to play Cover 2 or zone coverage, or play you man. Now you are getting guys in mismatches, like Westbrook on linebackers or tight ends on linebackers. We have to be able to exploit that. Our tight ends did a great job today and last game as well."

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