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Game Vs. Giants: Head Coach Tom Coughlin

Opening remarks:

"Obviously disappointed. Very disappointed in the outcome. There was obviously a lack of balance tonight. Our defense was on the field way too much. I thought from the second drive when we should have had 14 points on the board with [TE] Larry [Donnell]'s fumble that the offense didn't show much from that point on. Penalties. Turnovers. They had more turnovers than we did, which was surprising, but nevertheless we did nothing with the opportunities we were given through the turnovers and it's just very, very disappointing. I expected to come down here. I expected it to be a very close game. I thought we did a good job of preparing for the speed with which Philadelphia played. I didn't think that was a real factor, although there was one penalty late in the game which hurt us. Actually had a sack, probably a sack for a safety, but we got caught with 12 on the field. But that was the only time I thought that our play was in any way hampered because of the speed with which they played. I thought our first drive was as good of a drive as we've had. And that really excited me for the rest of the day, but from that point on, there wasn't a lot to get excited about. So we play again in six days. We play last year's divisional champion and we have to get our chins up off the floor real quick."                

On whether the penalty on DE Damontre Moore interjected energy into the team:

"Well it was just again another very, very bad penalty. I didn't notice any surge, any difference than what they had been utilizing. But it was a bad penalty and we had a couple of them."

On why the team wasn't able to capitalize on the Eagles' turnovers:

"Why? Because we didn't move the ball after a certain point. We were pretty much stagnant. Then even when we got down at the end of the game there and were about to [gain positive yards], we ended up going backwards there. We created a fourth-and I don't know how many, 20 yard deal.  I would have liked to have gone for it on fourth down, but not with that distance."     

On whether he should have asked for a measurement before the fourth down play at the end of the first quarter:

"Well afterwards I certainly would have thought that. To be honest with you, when the judge came in from our side, it looked like he was on the line. He got out there and there were some bodies around and someone came in from the other side and all of a sudden the ball was moved back a little bit. But we were at point blank range on third and fourth down and weren't able to get it."    

On whether there was any confusion on the team about it being fourth down:


On what the Eagles did to cause three sacks:

"They rushed the passer and they rushed the passer well and we didn't do a very good job of protecting." 

On whether it was a critical play or a turning point in the game when Donnell had the ball taken from his hands in the first quarter:

"It certainly was. I'm thinking 14 points and we end up losing the ball and no points. So I thought it was a critical play in the game. It was very early in the game, no doubt, but our inability to put points on the board right there to be able to go back and forth and match – that hurt."    

On whether the penalties on the Giants kept the Eagles' drives alive:

"Oh yeah. You can't play like that. That's bad football. Even the pass interference on Larry Donnell. I mean I don't know what could have happened over there. I couldn't see that side of the field. But that's the thing that created an opportunity for us to have to punt the ball, even that late in the game. It certainly took a lot away from both sides. Both sides had, I don't know what the numbers were, but both sides had a lot of penalties and turnovers, but they certainly did more with their opportunities than we did."        

On why Donnell was limited in the second half:

"Well we would have liked to have gotten it to him, but it didn't work out that way and obviously we were having a lot of trouble protecting the quarterback. They did have, a little bit later on, they were playing a little bit different once they got the lead. They did have one defender low, one high to be able to – if you came vertically up the field, they were in a better position to defend."    

On whether Donnell came out of the game okay:

"I haven't heard anything from the trainers yet."

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