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Game Vs. Giants: Head Coach Andy Reid

On injuries sustained in the game: "(QB) Michael (Vick) has a fractured hand, and he'll have a CT scan tomorrow. It doesn't look like it's displaced. (CB Brandon) Hughes has a hamstring strain. (WR Riley) Cooper has a concussion. (WR Jeremy) Maclin has a hamstring strain."

On the loss: "My compliments to the Giants. They did a nice job. Obviously we didn't have enough big plays offensively, and they hit too many on us defensively. We have to go back around and make sure that we evaluate every situation and get better as a football team."

On why QB Michael Vick returned to the game after suffering a hand injury: "We thought he could continue to play. It wasn't displaced."

On the play on which Vick injured his hand: "It was the play that he got hit on when he was protecting his head. He had his hand up around his head and a (Giants) defensive end ran into him."

On whether Vick injured his right hand: "Yes, his right hand."

On electing to go for a fourth-down attempt in the fourth quarter as opposed to punting:"I thought it was the right thing to do. That's on me, and it's my responsibility there to make sure that we call those in the right situations. I didn't do it last week and I should have. I did it this week, and I shouldn't have. That's how this thing works sometimes."

On why he felt going for the fourth-down play was the right thing to do: "I thought it was the right thing to do."

On whether the team had the results of Vick's x-ray prior to the time he re-entered the game: "I can't remember that to be honest with you."

On whether Vick eventually came out of the game because he just couldn't perform with the injury: "Yes."

On whether he ever considered replacing Vick with QB Vince Young instead of QB Mike Kafka following the injury: "I went with (QB Mike) Kafka."

On whether RB LeSean McCoy was okay on the goal line series which featured two carries by FB Owen Schmitt: "Yes."

On whether LG Evan Mathis was injured in the game: "He had cramps."

On the cause of the Eagles offensive problems in short yardage situations: "(The Giants) had penetration."

On whether he anticipates wholesale defensive changes after giving up several big plays: "We'll see."

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