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Game vs. Giants: Head Coach Andy Reid

On injuries sustained during the game: ""[DT Brodrick] Bunkley came out with dehydration. He got an IV and went back in. [LS Jon] Dorenbos has an AC sprain. [DT Trevor] Laws has a shoulder contusion. [CB Asante] Samuel has a knee contusion.""

On the loss: ""You have to credit the Giants, because they did a heck of a job today. We competed, there are some things that we can learn from this, there are a lot of things that we can do better, and there were a lot of things we did okay. We will go back and evaluate it and obviously keep fighting.""

On losing back-to-back replay challenges on two consecutive plays: ""The first one was strictly my fault. On the second one, I didn't think [Giants RB Brandon Jacobs] had crossed the line [before fumbling].""

On whether he has somebody who advises him whether or not to challenge a call: "I do, but the first one was mine."

On the Giants' successful replay challenge which overturned an illegal forward pass penalty assessed to Eli Manning: "(The officials) said his foot was not across the line of scrimmage – his back foot."

On where this loss leaves the Eagles at this point in the season: "We'll get together tomorrow, and this one should hurt, like all (losses) should. You come in, you learn from it, and you move on. That's what this football team is all about. You just keep battling. We have quite a few more games left, and we have to take care of business. Anything is possible."

* On how Donovan McNabb can develop a crisper passing rhythm early in games:*
"He just has to keep firing, and he'll be fine."

On whether McNabb's recent struggles early in games can be attributed to play-calling: "I will always take that responsibility. I can do a better job there, and then we'll do a better job of executing and we'll be fine."

* On the Eagles offensive struggles in short-yardage situations:*
"Obviously we didn't take of the business on the last two. Those are the ones you remember right there."

On the play-calling in the final two short-yardage situations: "We thought we could attack what we thought was their weakness. That's why we did what we did. Obviously hindsight is 20-20, and we didn't get it done, so we can debate it and question it all that we want."

On whether the Eagles struggles in the running game can be attributed to the Giants' physical play or their defensive scheme: "I give them credit for both. They did a nice job, and then we adjusted. There are some physical things that we can do better. It was combination of things. We made a couple of adjustments, but we still have some issues there."

On Brian Westbrook's struggles running against the Giants defense: "Obviously we can do a better job of blocking and sustaining our blocks. A couple of times they just got us by overloading numbers. For the most part, we just need to do a little better job up front."

* On why left guard Todd Herremans did not start the game:*
"I'm not going to get into all that. It was just a decision that I made."

* On why Donovan McNabb did not seem to be dialed in consistently throughout the game:*
"When you're playing good teams, you probably can go back and say that about Eli (Manning) as well. He was up and down, and that's what happens when you have two good teams playing each other."

On whether he deliberately intended to insert Herremans into the game in the second quarter: "I'm not going to get into the Herremans thing, other than it was a decision I made. He came in when he came in there."

On the limited play of cornerback Lito Sheppard prior to the injury to Asante Samuel: "It was just a matter that he missed a lot of time in practice. I just felt like the other guys had a little better grasp of what we were doing at that time. It was nothing against Lito."

On whether he takes solace in the fact that all of the Eagle losses were close contests: "I haven't got to that point. I know how good we are, and I know what we should be doing. We're a good enough football team to win all of these games. We just have to take care of a couple of things, and we're going to do that."

* On whether the official stated to him that he had a good replay angle on the challenge of the Brandon Jacobs' fumble near the goal line that was not overturned:*
"It was too close. I can't sit here and question anything. Even after I looked at the replays, I thought it was pretty close. But to answer your question, no he didn't tell me that."

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