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Game Vs. Giants: FS Brian Dawkins

You said you liked what you saw in the locker room this week, is this what you meant? "I think it does. Like I told you guys, what I meant, when I said it, it wasn't just a statement to be making a statement and trying to get things to feel positive. I really like what I'm feeling in our locker room right now. The confidence guys are playing with, the attention to detail in practice and when we touch the field, I think you are seeing the results, these last couple of weeks, of what I feel."

Did you guys need to have your butts kicked by Baltimore to have this happen?"No, I don't think so. I think that was a, I won't say a blessing in disguise because you never want something like that, but I think that if there was anything else that needed to happen, and that happened, I guess that catapulted us to the feeling that we have right now."

When your defense is on the field eleven minutes less than the Championship Giants' defense, what does that do for you guys? "When you have the offense grinding the ball like that, it obviously gives us a chance on the sideline to make our adjustments and to rest and to cheer the offense on. One thing about the offense when they're driving like that, it makes you feel good. You are excited for them doing their job out there. So when they're driving the ball and scoring touchdowns, you're like ""Hey man we have to get the ball back to them. They're having a good day right now, let's get the ball back to them."" It's making you feel good. You want to get back out there to get the offense the ball."

When you go into the locker room, after all that, being 10-7? "Well that's one thing about the past and one thing about the cliché we always say, we learn from our mistakes, you look at the film and learn. We have been in that situation before, with San Fran. Same type of situation, they're going in with the momentum. But this time, we didn't come out flat, like we did against San Fran, to allow them to keep the momentum. The offense came out and they just went on down the field, went on about the business at hand. There was no panic. We were upset, but there was no panic."

Where does this win rank? "I don't know. To me, it was obviously a huge win for us against the defending Super Bowl Champions, huge win. It keeps the season alive for us, as far as going down the road. I can't put it up there and say it was better than this win or that win, but it was a huge win for this team."

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