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Game vs. Giants: Eagles Players

CB Asante Samuel

Re: 5th Conference Championship, 1st in the NFC: It's awesome. I was a free agent, picking teams is kind of a hard, but I couldn't have come into a better situation. We have a great defense, a good team, the fans are great and the city is great.

How does it feel to play like that after they counted you guys out? This team, we have a lot of unity for one another. We love each other, we stick together, and we know what we have to do to go out and execute and that's what we try to do. We try to execute, play Eagles football, and now we're playing consistent. As long as we play consistent, we will be alright.

Were you trying to get to the end zone on that interception? You know I was trying to get it in there, but Eli made a good tackle. I tried to run him over, he had his big boy pads and he stopped me from getting into the end zone. Next time I'll try to jump over his head or something.

Take us through that interception. Reading the quarterback, he kind of made a bad throw. The opportunity presented itself and I cradled it real nice. I finally caught one of his passes, I've dropped about three of them. I finally caught one and it couldn't have come at a better time. I'm happy.

DT Mike Patterson

4th downs were tough on this team this season, ironic what happened today? Every opportunity you get, just go out there and get it. That's how we treat it. You never know what's going to happen, somebody might come up free and you have to make the stop. There have been so many times where we came so close to stopping it and we didn't get it just quite right. Today, it worked out for us.

Take us through the Eli sneak on 4th and inches. Just have to stay down low. Up front, everybody knows you have to stay down low and don't let them get underneath you and lift you up. That was just one of the things we did.

Was there something that happened that we couldn't see? It's just everyone playing right. It's just everybody taking up a gap and fighting real hard to the wall.

Does it mean a little more to beat the Giants? It was a true battle, a straight up NFC East game. We have been going at it, it's always going to be a good fight between us two and everybody in our conference. It was just a hard game. It was a tough game all the way throughout the fourth quarter and I give a lot to those guys. They go out there and they battle their butts off every single time. They are big physical guys, their offensive line, they block really well. We just kept on fighting

LB Trent Cole

The last five or six weeks: We're playing with heart and everybody knows we have one goal in mind, just get to the end.

Jacobs on the 4th and two: That was just a great performance on fourth down. We didn't think they would go two times on fourth and one. [Brodick] Bunkley and Mike Patterson and Victor Abiarmiri, they held up the wall and kept them back.

What's it like to come into the home of the defending Super Bowl champions and knock them out? It's great. We came out here and we had one goal in mind, come out here and stop this run, as a defense, and put the pressure on. Get down there and score and put our offense in a good position and just take care of business.

K David Akers

Anything superstitious you're doing now? No, actually I try to do everything as normal as possible. I really don't try to get into that whole realm. Just go out and have a good time, I don't eat the same foods or wear the same underwear or anything like that.

Best day ever at the Meadowlands? I don't really know, I wouldn't say that. More than the field goals, I was actually happier with my kickoffs, consistently hitting them deep and being able to get down there. The toughest thing about it was keeping warm on the sideline, because the whole sideline was ice. I would actually go on the field, in between series, and try to kick a little bit, just on the sideline where it wasn't totally iced up. What an unbelievable football game to watch and I'm sure the fans in Philly are as excited as we are. On our way out to Arizona and hopefully we can get out to the Super Bowl.

How does it feel to be back in the NFC Championship game? Awesome. This is the fifth one that I've been able to play in. For the guys who are involved with this game, it is hard to get to one, let alone to five. That says a lot about the coaching staff here. It says a lot about the organization and the type of quality people they bring in here with character. Today was a character win. To be able to battle through the up and down season, it takes character to not get too down on yourself and then when it goes well, not to believe what everyone says, that you're the greatest thing since sliced bread. Inside this locker room, it was a great win for us.

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