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Game Vs. Giants: Eagles Players

The Eagles traveled to New York to face the Giants in their final game of the 2015 season. View the full gallery here...

Eagles WR Jordan Matthews

Q: Your chemistry with Sam Bradford?

A: …I said when I came back from the bye week, I felt better. I felt healthier, more in tune with what we were doing, and me and Sam had a great game against the Cowboys. He says, 'hey man, we gotta keep working, we gotta keep getting better because we can grow this thing…really grow together.' Ever since then, I felt like the rapport has been growing. The hard part about it was he got hurt, you know, for a two-game span there and you saw how much it affected us.  I think it really showed how much he does mean to this offense and to this team and when he came back in the Patriots game, you saw what he was able to do in that game. Then, just the numbers he's been able to put up to end the season, I think he's been phenomenal. I think he's got a couple of those red zone targets. I'm 6'3"… when we get into the red zone, you have to dial me up. We've been working on some of those things all year, but now, we're just really getting in tune with each other. Sam's giving me the eye down there in the red zone, like 'hey, that guy's giving you inside leeway, I'm coming to you.' So I already know, just be patient, give that guy a move and then win. Like I said, we're definitely building chemistry, I actually want to keep him around.

Q: Do you see the same thing happening with Zach Ertz?

A: Definitely. He had (152) all game, 150 another game. I think he scored in two straight games. So this past game, even after having 150, you can look at how Zach is. Most passing offenses go through tight ends, that's the new wave and Zach is a great pass catching tight end. I've said that from the very beginning when I first got here. His work ethic, you know, his ability to go and make the tough catches… you have to start in there and expand it out, and I think he's a perfect building block if you're trying to make an offense like that. Like I said, I think there's only going to be better things for him to come. You know, similar to me.

Eagles TE Zach Ertz

Q: Jordan Matthews says this offense and maybe every offense needs to be built around a tight end like you. Is that the way that they approach it here and do you believe that's accurate?

A: I think a lot of tight ends nowadays are focal points to the offense. I don't know if that was necessarily the case throughout the past couple of years. I remember with my first team as the Eagles offense, the past couple years and that's kind of how I approached it. I worked a lot on my run blocking throughout the offseason. When I had the opportunities in the past, I made the most of them, and if that's the case going forward, then I'm going to be really excited about it.

Q: When you see what guys like the Wittens and the Gates…Do you think you can be in that group?

A: Yeah, I think the four games I had close to 400 yards, if not more, so I think that's a stepping stone in the right direction. I'm able to end the season on a high note individually. Obviously, I'm really bummed from a team perspective on how the season ended. But it's definitely going to be a confidence booster going into the offseason that I can be one of those guys, elite guys, hopefully one day I'm not going to be satisfied, I want to be mentioned like the best in the league with the Gronks...playing at a really high level…I think I've dedicated myself to be a complete tight end. 

Q: What was the key for you today?

A: I think Sam and I saw the game very similar…he put the ball where it needed to be. I ran the routes the way that they needed to be run. There was probably one play that I want to have back, the ball wasn't targeted to me but I kind of saw the defense differently…which led to a sack…a throw away. Other than that, in the passing game, Jordan did an unbelievable job…the outside receivers…He's got a lot of talent.

Eagles RB DeMarco Murray

Q: That first touch you got in the traditional I formation about 7 yards deep and Sam under center…

A: Yeah I've always enjoyed running the ball underneath and the offensive line did a great job blocking and I hit a crease and tried to get the 6.

Q: How many times have you hit that crease this year?

A: A few times, but I think this is the most we've worked on it throughout the course of the week, so everyone had a good feel for it. Offensive line did a great job blocking and I felt like I was able to get used to it. I've always talked to Sherm and we've had a good relationship about certain run plays.

Q: You only get a few sears in a career for them not to start working on it in week 17.

A: Well we tried to put ourselves in situations and we have to learn from our mistakes and learn from this past season. This season wasn't what anyone wished for or thought of. Obviously, we have to reflect on it and it makes us a lot hungrier.

Q: More than likely you will be back next year. Do you want to see more those formations where you can run out of that?

A: Yeah obviously that's what I've done and had the most success. And I think everyone has a feel for what they like to do, and that's what I like to do. But I don't know what the future is going to be, a new offense and what not. But whatever it will be, I'm going to make the best of it.

Q: Did you find yourself asking why did it take until week 17 and a coaching change for me to get the ball like this?

A: I never question anything. I just try to be as professional as I can and work on my craft. Obviously I wasn't perfect this year, so I have to work on that. I thought Sherm put in a great game plan and we were able to work on things during the week, that we called upon on Sunday.

Q: Any other tweaks in the run game in that 54-yard run that we haven't seen?

A: we just worked on it. We ran inside zone, outside zone and when you work on plays during the week, you get reps. That makes us more comfortable on Sundays. I think the biggest thing for us was leverage. We were not out-leveraged on that play.

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