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Game Vs. Giants: Eagles Offense

RB LeSean McCoy

On the team's game plan in the second half: "I think we just stuck with it. The Giants are a good team and they have a good defense. Their front four is one of the best that you're going to see in this league. There are some other teams, but they're one of the top five."

On catching his stride in the running game tonight: "I think in the second half. I just had that feeling, that feeling when you want the ball. (Head) Coach (Andy) Reid, we do this thing where we look at each other, that type of thing. It's the understanding. And the linemen, they did a great job. They were determined to get the blocks. It was just their attitude in the huddle. Even (QB) Mike (Vick), our quarterback, he wanted to run the ball and he wanted to get out there. That just shows the type of team that we have. No one is selfish and it's all one goal."

On having limited carries last week and then being featured in the offensive game plan this week: "I won't get into all of that. We're a good team. I think any (running) back would die to be in my system where I have two of the best wide receivers in the league, my quarterback can do everything – throw, run – and my tight end is a beast. I don't get as much attention as other backs because they don't have as many weapons. I'm fine with that and I'm grateful to be on a team like this. The next game, who knows, I may not get the ball as much, but as long as we win – and any given time (WR) DeSean Jackson goes up for the 80-yard pass, or Mike Vick can scramble for 40 yards, or (TE Brent) Celek can have a big catch and break tackles. So many people can make plays. I don't think for the Eagles to win McCoy has to carry the ball 25 (times), or whatever."

On having four 100-yard games against the Giants in his career and playing so well against them: "I don't know, man, I don't think it's just me. I think it's the way we play. We know we're expecting something. We're expecting that hard battle coming down to the wire. We're just lucky to come out with the wins."

WR DeSean Jackson

On what the feeling was like on the sideline when Giants kicker Lawrence Tynes kicked the field goal for the second time: "It was crazy. Honestly, the first one when he missed, I was like 'ugh' when Coach Reid called timeout. But, the second one looked like it was straight in the middle, and I thought it was going to go in, but it came up a little bit short. It was nerve-racking, but we got the win, so that's all that matters. It was a great game and we have a lot to learn from it. Like I said, when we got into the red zone, there was a lot of opportunities where we got thrown off. When we're playing high-powered teams, especially in our division, we have to execute and come through on plays like that."

On the fact that the team did not have one turnover in the game: "That was awesome. (QB) Mike Vick did a great job of controlling the tempo and so did the running backs. Everyone did a great job of protecting the ball and that's something we worked on that all week and practiced. Defensive guys helped to put us in big situations where it's realistic to the game. I think as long as we're still able to treat practice like games and just come out here on Sundays and whenever other days we play games, and just execute, I think the sky is the limit for us."

On winning three of the four games late and what it is about the resiliency of the team: "Honestly, this is how we like it. Coming down to last plays and last series, that's usually when really the best comes out of us…As long as we just keep playing with our intensity up and continue to play the way we know how to play and score as many points as possible and help our defense out, who did a really great job today."

K Alex Henery

On whether he thought about the possibility of the game being decided on him: "As a kicker you feel like every game is going to go like that so when it does come you're surprised. Going into every game you kind of feel like you have to make a kick to win the game, so you just kind of prepare yourself for that."

On his thoughts after seeing the Giants miss the two field goals at the end: "It's tough. It's the life of a kicker really. (Giants K Lawrence Tynes) is a great kicker. He's made great kicks over the years and it just didn't go in for him. It's unfortunate for him, but he'll move on and make kicks the rest of the year."

On getting the win against the division rival Giants: "It was definitely a good win especially against the Giants. It's one of our big rivals."

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