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Game Vs. Giants: Eagles Defense

Defensive Coordinator Juan Castillo

On whether he is pleased with the defense through the first quarter of the season: "Our guys know this is a day-by-day process. We're still not where we need to be. The key here, for our guys, is they want to be the best defense in the NFL. The only way you can have the best defense in the NFL is to win a championship—and they know that, so to do that, it just take a little step at a time. Last week, we looked to correct any mistakes and just tried to get better and better."

On how hard it was for his unit to keep their heads in the game on the last drive: "I think that just comes from the confidence from the way the players worked in training camp. Coach (Andy Reid) put them through a hard training camp. We had some fun going up against our offense and they gave them lots of confidence, so they understand the scheme. We had the OTA's and we were able to spend some time with that. I think what also has helped, is the first two games and how we were able to win like that."

CB Nnamdi Asomugha

On the Giants offensive pass interference call on the team's final drive: "I didn't know they were going to call it. I just felt the guy drift over me as I was trying to get the ball, but those go either way. Sometimes they don't call it. I know if it's the defensive guy, they're going to have to call it, but an offensive guy, you never know. So, I was just happy that they did call it. I looked around kind of late and I saw the flag and it was relief. I knew it had to have been on them. There was no way (it could have been on me), because I was looking back for the ball. So, it was good."

On whether he felt the offensive pass interference call on the Giants was a make-up call for a penalty called on him earlier on the drive: "I don't know, because the slant on the same drive, I felt like it was fine. But obviously, there have been times when I felt that and go back and you watch it on TV and it wasn't that way. So, I didn't know. But I don't think it was a make-up call. I think it was clear and I thought it was evident."

On the process of leaving and re-entering with his eye injury: "Oh my goodness. I just wanted to play. I was in the training room and they were getting ready to take me to the hospital and I looked up and I think it was (CB) Brandon Hughes that was out there and a couple of guys. I hate putting guys in that position that have come off the bench. Obviously, you know, you should be able to play but there was just some thinking that if we let wear down a little bit, if I can get some vision back, then I'll go back out there. So, I went back out there. I put a visor on. It was still tough to see in the right eye, and I just had to get my bearings back because I was out for a while."

On the problem with eye: "It was a vision problem. I'm going to go back in after I see you guys. They just want to make sure that there's no issue with (the) retina and all that. But I did, I got poked in the eye. Can't remember who did it, but it was straight in my eye and my eye just blacked out."

On what allowed him to get back on the field: "Just doing vision test and I passed a couple vision tests. We'll just say I passed."

On whether he was surprised they went deep on the secondary late in the fourth: "No, I wasn't surprised because earlier we were in a coverage; we weren't in man coverage so (WR Ramses Barden) was able to get behind me because I was in a trail position and so I don't think they knew that. I felt like they thought, 'Oh, he can get behind them.' Then in the end, we were in man, so it wasn't going to happen. So, I expected them to come back to it because they probably didn't know what coverage we were in and then they went back to it, but I was in better shape."

On winning three close games early in the season: "I mean, being the NFL, it's not always going to be a blowout. We played against Cleveland and it was close and everyone was saying, well you should have blown out Cleveland. But then we beat Baltimore, who's a great team, and the Giants are the Super Bowl winners. Just coming away with the victory I think is what makes everybody pleased at this point."

DE Jason Babin

On his thoughts when Giants K Lawrence Tynes missed the second field goal attempt in the fourth quarter: "Elated. We had a really good push up the middle, so we knew he was going to have to really get it up high and quick, so we were just holding our breath watching that ball come down."

On whether the team was rolling towards the middle to get a better push on the field goal attempt: "I'm not saying we pick on a particular person, but we might have a game plan on that."

On what makes the Giants-Eagles series so tough: "You know what, it makes it fun. I don't know why, but it's enjoyable for everybody to watch and it's fun to be a part of it."

On whether the Giants winning two Super Bowls and having the team talk about their defensive line being tough matters to professional players: "Yeah, it matters to us, but I think it's obvious when they dedicate a chipper to each guy on each side all game long. (DE) Trent (Cole) and I were laughing; my left side's bruised and his right side's bruised. If they're going to do something like that, then we know how they feel."

On why the team has won close games this year after falling in several close games last year: "You know, the thing is, it really comes down to people just winning their one-on-ones more than the other team and I think this team has had a little more time to gel and it's made a difference in the atmosphere of the team."

On how satisfied the team is to be 3-1 at the quarter mark of the season: "Obviously, you want to win them all, but (we're) leading our division, 3-1, you know, at the first quarter of the season. We'll figure out what did good, figure out what we did wrong and get back to work."

DE Trent Cole

On whether it was tough to keep his composure after the defensive penalties called on the Giants final drive: "It's tough, but you know in a down to the wire game like that, we've been bred to move on and move forward and that's what we did."

On whether the way the team rebounded today following a tough loss last week says something about this team: "We're known to be a hard-fighting team. We fight to the end and that's Eagles football. It's always been. I've said that over the last three years, people asked, this team, there's just something about the Eagles that we fight we fight to the end."

On what former Eagles S Brian Dawkins said when he addressed the team yesterday: "He said, 'Don't play for me.' That's what he said. He said, 'Don't play for me.' He said, 'We're playing for us. We're playing for the Eagles. We need to win." He said, 'I'm going to be retired; my jersey's going to be retired regardless of what goes on, win or lose. It doesn't matter. We go out there to play for us.' That's what he said. He stated that. He made sure that he gave us a little advice. He said, "Whatever you've got going at home, rest up. When Coach (gives you time) to rest up, it means rest up. You just can't do some of the things you usually do on the regular. You've got to change your game, change the way you approach the game; try something different.' Like I said, he said we've got to go play for ourselves. Don't play for him."

On whether he takes the Giants adding extra protection on the ends as a sign of respect: "Oh, we got extra attention alright. We've got extra attention the past three games. It doesn't even matter. This year is just totally different. It is totally different. Like I said, I've been playing for eight years and I ain't never been getting chipped like that. I've never gotten chipped (like that). Either the tight end was hitting you or the back was hitting you and then when you get off that, you've got to fight the tackle. Once he gets on you after you get chipped and then you have to fight the guard too because the guard comes off. So it's like, all we can do is just keep fighting. We didn't make excuse of it. We were just like, okay, wow. I guess we've got fight harder; a lot harder than them."

CB Brandon Boykin

On if this game is a statement win for the defense: "I think so. I feel we stepped up to the challenge—it was tough, but you only win or lose out there and there is no in-between. So, we definitely stepped up as a D and did what we had to do."

On the defense's thought process on the last drive: "It was intense that last drive. We knew it was going to kind of come down to us making plays in the secondary. Them being down, they were going to have to throw the ball and (WR) Victor Cruz, of course, is their go-to guy, especially coming after me that last drive. So for us to be able to hold our own and make a couple of big plays, it definitely contributed to us winning."

On his thoughts when CB Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie was flagged for interference on the final drive: "You know, I didn't see any penalty, but we just had to deal with it. Eventually, he's going to strike. We still had the chance to win, so you know we just battled against it."

On whether the defense was feeling snake-bitten when the Giants were moving on the final drive: "Not really. They were kind of in field-goal range, but not really. We just didn't want to give up another first down to really secure that field-goal range and did a good job of that."

On whether he knew he was going to be on WR Victor Cruz a lot this game: "You know, whenever he lined up in the slot, probably second and third down, I knew that he would be coming after me. Third down, they would really go after him; I mean, it's like tunnel vision. (QB) Eli (Manning) is going to go to Victor, so I just tried to maintain my leverage. We were press-manned up a lot so I was on my own and just trying to do what I was supposed to. I think the coaches did a great job putting me in position to make those plays."

CB Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie

On his initial feelings of the pass interference call on the final drive: "I found out real quick. It's an intense game. The call at the time wasn't the right call, but you just have to settle back in and go back out and play and fight through times like that."

On what it was like to get the offensive pass interference call in the Eagles favor on the final drive: "Oh man, it was huge. I felt like earlier they missed one, but then came back and we got the next one and then it pushed them out of field goal range, so that was a call that I think was well made."

On his interception that kept the Giants from taking the lead and if he feels he has been able to be more of a playmaker this year: "I just think I'm able to make more plays, because I'm on the field more and I'm getting more opportunities. The main thing is to just go out there and keep fighting because it's a long game. (NYG QB) Eli (Manning) really threw the ball a little bit on us, so we just had to go in the field and see what we do."

CB Brandon Hughes

On whether he thought the Giants were picking on him after they realized he replaced CB Nnamdi Asomugha: "No, not at all. That's the process of the game. You make a play, you may lose a play, but you have to keep going. I don't get wrapped up if they're picking on me or not. They're going to throw the ball where they throw the ball. You just have to rise to the occasion."

On whether the game had any extra meaning for him considering that he played for the Giants in 2010: "No, man, I'm just trying to go out there for these guys. I put all that personal stuff aside. They gave me an opportunity and I was grateful for it when I was there. I'm with the Eagles now, so I just go out there and do my job."

On dropping the interception at the end of the first half: "You can't drop that on Sunday Night Football, especially when you can take points off the board. That was the difference between them having zero points and three. Obviously they came up at the end of the game. They could have had zero points and it would've been a different scenario at the end."

SS Nate Allen

On walking out at 3-1 instead of 2-2 against a divisional opponent: "It's real big, especially against the Giants. Like you said, it's a division game and 1-0 in the division is always a plus. We were just happy to get the win tonight."

On not giving up late in the fourth quarter this year: "It shows a lot of character. For us as a team and especially the defense. We know when the game is on the line and we have to go back out there for two minutes, it's in our hands and we have to make the play. Again, fortunately, we were able to make the play."

On whether the team gets more comfortable in late fourth quarter situations now, or if it's still just as exciting: "It's still exciting. Our energy is always up and that's why you play the game, for situations like that. The game is on the line and it's up to you to make the play."

DE Brandon Graham

On what it feels like to make an impact in a game like this: "It feels good, because if we'd have lost this game, no one would have remembered nothing you did in that game other than (that) you lost. We're going to go back to the film and we're going to correct a lot of stuff, because (there) were a lot of things that we need to work on. But, man, I'm loving this win and we had a good game."

On the importance of walking out the game 3-1 rather than 2-2: "That's big, and then it's the first division game. We're 1-0. We're trying to keep it going. Shoot, 3-1. We're going to enjoy this one, (but) we've got Pittsburgh next week; we've got a tough one again. But we're excited."

On what the last-second wins says about the grit of the team: "Yeah, you know, he (head coach Andy Reid) said this before the game. He was like, you know, we've been up 21 and they came back and they've been up 21 and (we've) come back, so it's going to be one of those games; who's going to want it more and you've got to have that fight in you. This team, shoot, we fought today. I'm excited, because we're 3-1, trying to keep it rolling and, shoot, keep watching."

LB DeMeco Ryans

On playing in his first NFC East game as a member of the Eagles: "Very tough, very hard fought game. The guys let me know coming into this game that it's going to go down to the wire. It's going to be a physical game (and) go down to the wire and it was nothing less."

On the defense's mindset on the Giants final drive: "We were calm. We were calm. We were confident that we could get it done and close it out for our team. We knew everybody was counting on us. Everybody stepped up there on that last drive when it counted to make the plays and get off."

On what he sees in the locker room that explains the team's success in close games: "It's a will to win. That's one thing about it. No one ever gets too down. Everybody continues to fight to the end. We're always in it. Everybody's looking to make that play to put us over the top and win the game, so that's one great quality that this team has."

On former Eagles S Brian Dawkins' message to the team yesterday: "Brian Dawkins is a very passionate guy. When he talked to us just about this game being about us, not about him, that just shows how selfless he is. Even though this was his day, retiring his jersey, a big day for him, he just let us know that he doesn't like the Giants and wanted us to go out and get the win against the Giants."

On his first taste of the Eagles-Giants rivalry: "It was great to be a part of that. Tough-fought game, definitely. Everything that was talked about, everything that it was made up to be, it was. It was a down to the wire game; it doesn't get any better than that. We're just blessed and happy to be on the winning side."

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