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Game Vs. Giants: CB Asante Samuel

On how he felt seeing the ball on the ground after picking the fumble: "That was the worst feeling ever. That was the first time I ever did that. And I can't do that anymore. When the defense gets the ball, we've got to keep it. That could have been deadly for the game.'

On getting more balls coming his way tonight: "Yes. Eli is a competitor and he's got some great receivers so he was confident and we're just going to go out there and compete."

On how it feels to have four interceptions against the Mannings: "It was awesome for me. I know they're competitors. I've got a lot of respect for those guys. They're Pro-Bowlers, Hall of Famers, one of them and one making his way, so it's a lot of respect. We're going to compete; we're going to play them again so it's another chance to compete."

On whether getting the ball comes naturally to him: "I work on this. This is all I focus on in the off-season. I've got my trainer and I've got my guys out there. We do drills and all we focus on is making plays doing your drills and making sure you go get the ball wherever it's at."

On why this defense seems more effective now than earlier in the season: "It could be a lot of things. We're clicking better, we've got a couple of fill-ins. I think we're just clicking better, calls are being made right, we're making plays and everybody's getting aggressive."

On how the defense managed to create so many turnovers tonight: "Like I said, we put pressure on the quarterback, try to get him off balance and off his rhythm. If you stop their running in the beginning, you make them one-dimensional and that's the most important thing. We pretty much did that for the most part. I think they had 202 total yards so it was a good job by the defensive linemen."

On what gives them momentum out of a bye week: "I think Andy (Reid) does a good job in practice keeping us fresh, keeping us motivated, not overdoing things. At the end of the day, he just wants us to come out on Sunday and be fresh, fly around, be fast as you can be and have fun. I think that's got a lot to do with it."

On how important it was for the defense to play strong when the buzz has been about Michael Vick and the offense: "Well, it's a team. Vick can't go out there and put 60 points up every game, 300 yards and six touchdowns. That's just not going to happen so it's a team thing. The defense stepped up tonight and we've got to continue to do that. The one thing I can say is that Vick sustains guys a lot. They keep the defense off the field. We're on the sideline a whole lot of the time so when we're ready to come back out, we're refreshed and ready to go."

On how he knows what the receiver will run: "I use my technique and I go what I was coached by since college. I had a good coach in Gene Chizik, who is at Auburn now. He taught me a lot. I just stick by my technique and it's what I work on every day in the off-season and in practice. It's something I try to master."

On whether he knows what the receiver is doing off the line: "No, it's technique. He has to run his route. The quarterback has to throw it to him. So, I'm looking at him and the quarterback so I'm timing the quarterback's throw and I'm timing the route so it's a combination of both."

On whether you got dinged when you wrapped up the tight end: "When I wrapped him up and I came down, my head landed on his knee. It just made me a little dizzy, but nothing major."

On whether the team is in a better position for the rest of the season because of their division wins: "When you keep winning the division wins, that's most important. We've got a couple more games. We have Dallas two times, we play the Giants one more time so we've got to keep chopping at the wood, not get complacent, go to practice and play hard."

On how it is to play with Michael Vick: "That's like anything. I didn't know him that well when he was in Atlanta. I didn't know his practice habits and all that but I can tell you now that he is a professional. He comes to work everyday and tries to perfect his game. He is a leader. He's yelling at people, telling them to get their stuff together, his offense and himself. Like I said, he is a professional and a leader and we're going to ride it behind him."

On how tough it was to see Hobbs down: "It was tough."

On whether he was surprised that Eli (Manning) did not slide when he was down: "I didn't really know what he was going to do. I didn't know if I should try to hit him or not and he dove forward. I just tried to stay off of him."

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