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Game Vs. Falcons: RB Brian Westbrook

On the offense clicking at the right time: "Things started going well. We got a little bit of rhythm. We were able to complete some balls as well as use our running game pretty well today. So when you're able to execute and complete passes as well as run the ball, you're keeping the defense off balance and you'll have some success."

On how he felt coming off his injury: "I felt really good. I'm blessed to be back. It feels good to be back. My ankle held up pretty well, my ribs held up pretty well. Things went well for me."

On whether he felt any effects from the injury today: "From time to time throughout the game, but those are the type of things you got to try to play through."

On having things not go the Eagles way before, but being on the other end of that today: "Yeah, you know, in the NFL in games and in seasons, the pendulum goes both ways. You're going to have some things that don't go your way. You're going to have some goofy things like you said that are going to go your way. And today it swung our way and hopefully it stays on our side a little bit."

On whether he talked before the game about being primed for a big day today: "I don't remember saying anything. I was just, I know that I believed in myself. I believed that, I believe the truth. And the truth is that I've worked my butt off to get back. I continue to believe that God has placed me here for a reason and with that I had the opportunity to go out there and play. Our team did a great job of giving me opportunities. The offensive line did a great job of blocking, tight ends, fullback, receivers downfield. And coach Reid continued to give me the ball. I'm happy to be a part of coach Reid's 100th win."

On being disappointed about having two goal line chances that didn't pan out: "I'm happy about the win. It's definitely, even in wins there's things that you can get better at. So there's definitely things that we can work on and things we will work on and get better at. So those are just part of the game and we will get better. We have room to improve and we will do that."

On the problems on the goal line this year and whether it's frustrating for the team: "It's disappointing, but like I said it's one of those things we're going to continue to work on, continue to get better at and we'll move on to next week."

On whether he felt as if he was over on the first try at the goal line: "I definitely felt like I was in. The referee said that he had me down before I got into the end zone, so you know it's one of those calls that the referee made."

On how much more effective the offense is when it has a mobile QB Donovan McNabb: "It makes a difference, all the difference in the world when you have a guy back there with the arm that Donovan has, but also the ability to scramble, to make plays when there's no receivers open. It makes all the difference in the world and now you can really see when he's healthy what he can do as far as scrambling and throwing the ball downfield."

On whether now is the time for the team to make a move: "We need to get on the run right now, we need to have the opportunity, we have the opportunity to go up to Seattle and play a pretty good team and have to go out there and try to handle our business. We have to try to execute the same way we did today, try to minus out those errors that we made and win the football game. That's what we're going to do for the rest of the season. We're going to play together as a team and we're going to try to fight and win football games."

On what it was like to have a big game today: "I felt good. I had the opportunity, coach gave me some opportunities. We saw some things on tape that we felt we could take advantage of and we did a good job executing those things."

On his reaction to S Lawyer Milloy's hit on TE L.J. Smith: "It was a tough play. It was one of those hits that was borderline questionable a little bit. But just even talking to Lawyer (Milloy) after the play, he was very apologetic about it. You know, he wanted me to express that to L.J. (Smith) and from what he said he doesn't seem like that type of guy to take a dirty hit on a guy and that's really what I thought about it as well."

On whether there's some sort of retribution after a hit like that: "It's part of the game. You go out there, you play your football game and if you have the opportunity to help out, try to help out, try to get some revenge on a guy in a legal way then you'll do that, but it's not – hits are part, those types of hits are part of the game. Unfortunately L.J. got hurt because of it."

On whether the retribution is like baseball: "No, this is football."

On why, other than his injuries, he might not have been dialed up in past games this year as much as today: "You know, I think a lot of those games Donovan was having so much success, it's hard to take the ball out of a Pro Bowler's hands everytime. He's throwing the ball around, he's doing a great job passing the ball. Today he did a great job of throwing the ball and running the ball, so hopefully we'll continue to have the opportunity to run the ball in the future."

On the impact of offensive sets with both Westbrook and RB Correll Buckhalter in the backfield: "It gets more playmakers on the field. Correll has the opportunity to, he has the ability to block in the fullback position as well as catch the ball out of the backfield and of course he has the skill to run the ball too. So the defense needs to check more players on the field."

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