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Game Vs. Falcons: QB Matt Ryan

Opening Statement: "To start, good win for our team. I thought coming off the bye week Smitty did a great job having us prepared and guys came back with the right attitude and we started off fast today which was key."

On starting the game with control during the first drive: "That was huge. I think we had something like 18 plays on that drive. I had a couple key third down conversions. When you put together a few of those in a drive it's huge. Our offensive line did a great job in that drive and really throughout the entire day of keeping a great pocket and we ran the ball really affectively too. It was the start we needed because again, it's a really good defense."

On this game being a nail biter: "They're different every week, but any time you win it's good and you feel good afterwards. I thought we played well. I think the fast start really helped us and we had some opportunities I think we could have converted on, some more red zone opportunities in the second half, so it's something we want to improve on, but I think we scored on our first seven possessions. When you do that, it's (going to) be a good day."

On mixing up the pass and run plays: "I thought it was huge. I thought (offensive coordinator) Dirk (Koetter) had a great game plan coming into it and had us very well prepared for whatever they were (going to) do. Obviously with a coordinator change sometimes there can be some unscouted looks, but he had us prepared. I thought he called a great game, and I think our offensive line executed really well."

On the Eagles' surprises with a change of defensive coordinator: "Their tendencies were probably a little different than what they were coming into the game. They played some different zone coverages from what we had seen against certain formations. We kind of prepared ourselves for being ready to see anything."

On the importance of screens and drives in neutralizing the Eagles' pass rush: "That's huge. Their pass rush is about as good as it gets and I thought Dirk had a great game plan to counteract that and I thought our guys stepped up. I think our offensive line stepped up and played really, really well."

On Peters' first start in the NFL and how he held up during the game: "Yeah, huge. Peters did a great job today. As a rookie, he's done everything the right way. He's worked hard day in and day out, kept his mouth shut, and just did things the right way. And for him to get in today and play the entire time, I thought he did a great job."

On having his first win in Philadelphia since playing at Penn Charter during high school: "No, we won here when I was in college. We played Temple."

On personal feelings playing home in Philadelphia: "It's very nice. When I'm done talking to you guys, I'll be able to go see my family for a little bit, which will be nice. I've been up here twice before professionally and going out to see them afterwards hasn't been the same after a loss. But it will be good to see them. It's always good to be back in Philadelphia and I'm just happy we won."

On the first touchdown pass: "(WR) Drew Davis, who's filling in for (WR) Harry Douglas played extremely well today. He had two catches on the first drive, which was huge for him getting acclimated to the game. But a good design. It's one of the things we've done quite a bit, screening to Julio. He kind of slipped right behind the defense and made a good catch."

On the team showing who they are for being undefeated at 7-0: "I hope so. Again, in this league, it's going to be different week to week and you're going to have to win some of those tight games in the fourth quarter and I think one of the good things that we've done is that we've been able to do it. It was a little different today, but a good win today."

On Julio Jones' touchdown against Asomugha: "I didn't really see the release. We were in the gun and waiting for the ball to come back. Julio is just a special talent. He can run, he can fly, and he's one of the guys who's getting better every week and he's constantly improving. That was a great route."

On feeling any pressure during the first six drives: "For the most part all day I was clean. Again, our offensive line played really, really well against a very good front seven, so credit to those guys up front. They played well."

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