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Game Vs. Falcons: QB Donovan McNabb

On what happened to his eye: "I don't know, I have to watch the film, but all I remember is getting the ball out and trying to avoid the hit and got poked in the eye. From then on, everything kind of got blurred and then my vision came back as I took a knee. It's a tough deal. It feels like somebody just kind of poked your pupil in. The first thing I did was reach and see if it was bleeding. Other than that, I tried to get my vision back and then tried and go out and make some plays."

On his performance after getting hit in the eye: "I think I'm beginning to get comfortable. In the first half I felt like I was kind of forcing the issue a little bit and trying to wait for the guys to break free and then I was just getting on top of balls instead of just being relaxed. I thought later on in the first half I began to get comfortable and kind of just placed balls in different spots. In the second half, I just fed off of that and we did an excellent job with those guys. It was good to get Kevin (Curtis) involved a little bit and L.J. (Smith) involved early. DeSean (Jackson) obviously has carried the ball around. They came in here pretty good. It was a test for us and I think the things we were able to do we will be able to feed off more going into Seattle."

On his running performance: "I do have a greater appreciation for the ability that I have. Not that I have taken it for granted in any way. I think that just over the years you kind of get comfortable in going where guys are trying to get the ball out of your hands. In those situations, I had pressure in my face and wasn't able to see down field as well as I wanted to and tried to buy time and just took off on the first scramble to get away from John Abraham and try to pick up more yards. I think I did good and it showed the team that I know that I can get out of the pocket, but now that I did it, it shows them that it could happen as well."

On the frustration of not being able to score on the goal line: "It is frustrating. I mean you drive down there and get a penalty and to be down there on the half yard line and not score, it is frustrating. It is something as players you get upset about because you can't get a half yard and running the quarterback sneak it seemed like everybody in the stadium knew that was coming. So I guess you guys won't talk about how come we don't run the sneak. We have to get in the end zone. If we score a touchdown there then we have to worry about what could happen or what we have to do."

On why they are struggling on the goal line: "If I had the answer, we wouldn't be having this problem. We have to go back to our redzone offense and run our redzone offense. If we run that, then we won't have to worry about it."

On his whether the offense is back to full strength: "When you have all of the guys back healthy, especially guys like Kevin (Curtis) and Reggie (Brown), those experienced guys who have been in this offense as starters, that's just an added bonus. You can't take away from Greg Lewis, you can't take away from Jason Avant, and obviously DeSean Jackson, but when you can have all of your guys back in the game and give them opportunities to make plays for you that's a bonus for us. When we give L.J. the ball early and then we give Brent Celek a couple catches, that's another weapon that we have at our tight-end position. The list goes on of just trying to spread around and get everybody involved. We've been able to do that for the last couple of weeks and we definitely need to continue that and elevate it a little more."

On winning after the bye-week: "It's very big. It's big for us in the situation we're in in the NFC East. We can control our destiny, maybe with a couple losses from other teams. The only thing we can focus on is what we are doing out here and hopefully we can continue to feed off each win and elevate ourselves in the standings in the NFC East and put ourselves in the position to achieve the goal we all have set out for. At this particular point, it's just one game at a time and we go into Seattle and hopefully have the same mindset and elevate our play and production and be able to sit at the end of the Seattle game hopefully with a smile on our faces.

On his vision: "I am okay. It gave me an opportunity to come up here and sit with some sunglasses and kind of look cool for a game."

On what was said after Lawyer Milloy's play on L.J. Smith: "I know Lawyer and he's a great guy. I don't look at him as a dirty player. He was so apologetic after the game and explained how it wasn't his intention and he apologized to L.J. You just want to see nothing but great health from L.J. and want to see him bounce back up. He looked good in the locker room, but it is a devastating play as a teammate to see. It is tough for anybody."

On how the NFL should look after a quarterbacks well-being: "I think that they do a pretty good job. I think that they should continue to take care of quarterbacks."

On whether the coaches told him to run the ball: "As a quarterback, you just want to make plays. If it is a pass play call, be able to execute the pass play. If it is a running play, get the ball to the running back. If nothing is there, if you have the ability to do it, just kind of use your ability. I've been doing it for years. You just want to give the guys outside an opportunity to win for you and that's something that I've tried to do this year of establishing that trust with those guys that they have the confidence that the ball will be out of my hands and coming to them before they come out of their break. In those situations where I did run I had pressure in my face and just tried to avoid that and tried to pick up as many yards as I could."

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