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Game Vs. Falcons: Eagles Offense

RB LeSean McCoy

On how he would describe what happened today: "It's embarrassing. For a team to put up that many points and for our offense not to respond, that's embarrassing. We had no answer for them. I was embarrassed today. They played a lot better than us. We just have to get better."

On why he thinks the team played as poorly as they did: "We are not capitalizing. We are not doing the small things. We are not playing at a high level like we should be. That's the only way I can explain it."

On whether there is time to turn the season around: "I think so. We have to forget about this game, have a short memory, and come back next week and get a win."

On whether he thought this team had pride today: "Not at all. At least if we did, we didn't show it."

On why he thinks guys don't have pride: "I'm just saying what it looked like. How we played, how the game ended, I didn't see any pride. I didn't see any heart. This is the whole team, myself included. We didn't get it done today."

On whether he thinks the guys on the team have given up: "No, I wouldn't say that. We have been in bad positions before. Last year we almost had a chance to come back and get in the playoffs. I don't think guys are quitting, but we have to show more heart and more effort on the field."

On whether he thinks this team is good enough: "Yeah, I think so. We just have to produce."

On whether the team is at a point of no return: "We have to keep it positive. There is no time to dwell on the losses. We can't focus on the negatives. We have to keep it positive and keep going."

WR Jeremy Maclin

On how he explains this loss today: "It was frustrating and embarrassing."

On whether he thinks this team has gone to a point of no return: "No, I am not thinking like that."

On how you fix this: "Go learn from it. That's all you can do. This is just frustrating."

On whether anything was different this year in preparing for a game coming off a bye week: "We always come into the game thinking we are in a great position to win the game. This week was nothing different."

On giving up an opening touchdown on defense and things continuing to snowball from there: "You can't spot a good team 14 points."

On going three and out on the first offensive drive today and not scoring any touchdowns on first drives this season: "I don't know."

On whether the team has a proper sense of urgency: "I don't think that anybody is going out there just to go out there. We are playing for this organization and the name on the backs of our jerseys. If you are going out there to mess around, that's not what you want to be a part of."

On whether he thinks the players are playing for their coach's job: "That is not anything that we decide. I love Coach Reid to death. Every time I am going out there, I am giving it 100%, regardless of whatever else is going on."

WR Jason Avant

On why he thinks the team came out and played as poorly as they did: "We don't know what the explanation is. We have not seen the film yet. They made more plays than we did and got the win today."

On what he thinks is missing this year: "I want to see the film. They executed their game plan great and we didn't. That is the nature of the game. I can't say that it's one thing or another. Guys made mistakes on all sides of the ball, offensively and defensively. That costs us. We have to be cohesive. Sometimes it's me and sometimes it's other guys. It's hitting us at the wrong time."

On how he can focus in on the fact that there are nine games left this season: "That is the best news that we have today. There are nine games left. We have to prepare ourselves properly for those games. I know it's frustrating to lose a game like this and get embarrassed. Nine games is good news."

TE Brent Celek

On whether he is embarrassed about the game today: "Hell yeah. I am embarrassed. To go out there and play like that is horrible."

On why the offense struggled today: "We didn't execute. We didn't play good football. The offense and the defense, we got embarrassed. They are a good team and I will give them credit, but we have to improve."

On whether he feels like Reid is still the right voice in the locker room: "Yeah, I feel like Coach still has the locker room. I feel like we as players need to execute."

On whether he is confident the team can turn things around: "Yeah, we have the players who can do it. We have strong leadership. We just have to pick it up. You guys saw what I saw out there. It was a flat out embarrassment. It's has got to change."

On whether it makes it harder for the offense when the defense if giving up so many points: "I don't blame today on the defense. Offensively, we didn't go out there and play very well. That was a whole team effort. We got whooped."

On whether this season makes him question the offensive system at all: "No, I have been in this system a long time. We have a great system and great coaches. We just have to execute. I am not going to go any deeper than that."

On how surprised he was with this team's performance coming off the bye: "I am surprised. I thought we would play better than that. I know we can play better than that. These last few weeks we have been playing bad football. We have to flip the switch and turn it around."

G Dennis Kelly

On what he attributes the slow start to offensively: "I can't really tell you. It is kind of confusing. We have great weeks of practice and we do fairly well throughout the rest of the game. We just have to find something to kind of kick-start things and we haven't figured that part out and so we're going to work on it."

On the importance of getting a first down on the three-and-out after the Falcons went on a long drive and what happened on that particular drive: "We started a little bit slow. Like you said, the slow start hurt us. The incomplete passes here and there. They played three good plays and we played three bad plays. It put our defense in a bind and we have to focus on, like you said, get that first first down, at least to give the defense a breather."

On whether he was nervous at all in the beginning as he prepared for his first NFL start: "Yeah, running out it started to hit me, but then the first play, I was playing football. It's the same thing you've been doing for a while, it's just a little bit faster. Once the game started it calmed down."

On why the corner and safety blitzes are giving the offense trouble: "I think with our assignments we are looking at certain things and they kind of disguise it well. We just have to work better, study the film and catch the tendencies that they show. You know, if they're lining up a certain way, even just to bluff, we have to figure that out, so we have to do a better job."

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