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Game Vs. Dolphins: QB Ryan Tannehill

On the offense getting back into the game and sticking together as a team:

TANNEHILL: "Yeah, we stuck together and just kept fighting. I think obviously it wasn't always pretty, but I think all three sides of the ball came up with big plays when it mattered, and that's what you want to see out of your team."

On giving up three safeties in three weeks:

TANNEHILL:"I just didn't see him coming. That was totally on me. As a quarterback I've got to see that guy coming and get the ball."

On WR Rishard Matthews and RB Jay Ajayi making big plays:

TANNEHILL:"Those two guys stepped up. Rishard had that big catch and run for us. They got us right down in the red zone and it led to a touchdown so that was a huge play for us and then Jay came in hard just like he did last week. It's something that we love to see and want to see more of it."

On the attitude of the team when the score was 16-13:

TANNEHILL:"I think that we just wanted to get in the end zone and wanted to make a play. Obviously it didn't happen as fast as we wanted to but a three point game – that's what we want to see.  That's where we have an opportunity to go down and take the lead and set yourself up for a win, so I was glad to see us do that."

On WR Jarvis Landry's touchdown catch:

TANNEHILL:"Yeah it seemed like it was up there for about 10 seconds. That's something as a quarterback when the ball goes up in the air like that good things tend not to happen. My heart seemed like it was slowing down, and the ball is slow motion coming down, but I saw Jarvis see the ball and the defender did not see the ball. At that point I was hoping that he could go make a play on it, and of course he was able to."

On playing against the wind:

TANNEHILL:"It wasn't a big factor. It was a little breezy today, but it was not something I thought about or played a big factor in the game."

On rallying for the win and the magnitude of the win:

TANNEHILL:"It was huge. Anytime you can get a win on the road and being where we are at in our season we really needed to come out with a win, so it was huge for us to fight through that adversity being down two scores early in the game and being able to come out with a win."

On making a statement through this game:

TANNEHILL:"A lot of guys stepped up, and it says something about our toughness and our reaction when we hit adversity. A lot of guys stepped in due to injury and were able to come in and make big plays – all three sides of the ball, like I said. Special teams had a huge blocked punt. Defense obviously with the interception in the end zone, and then the stop there in under two minutes. You have to give a lot of credit to those guys in the locker room who made plays."

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