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Game Vs. Dolphins: Eagles Offense

Eagles QB Mark Sanchez

On what happened on the pick:

"I think it was just a miscommunication between me and [WR] Miles [Austin]. I thought he was going to do one thing and he was thinking another. So I put the ball [there] expecting, trying to anticipate where he was going and it didn't pan out very well."

On whether the interception was a combo route for Austin:

"I don't want to say too much about the scheme. Just another play we'd like to have back." 

On what happened on some of the handoffs with RB DeMarco Murray in the backfield:

"Just different quarterback footwork. I think it's something we will get ironed out this next week in practice. But every guy is different, and depending on how you run some of those inside zones and outside zones and reads and all that, the footwork is a little different." 

On whether timing was an issue for him:

"Yeah, I think I was ready to throw the ball a couple times and anticipating certain looks. And they just didn't pan out so that's too bad. We will work on those and we will correct them on film. That's the good thing about it: we have a good week of practice ahead of us and we will be just fine."

On how the game seemed faster with him in and whether he was cognizant of that and wanted to speed things up:

"That's how I've always tried to run it. You just get up and get going as fast as we can. I thought we moved the ball really well, and unfortunately, we weren't set on one of them and then Miles was just out of bounds on another one. And then we turned the ball over. It's really too bad, we just have to finish one more of those drives and we end up winning the game"

On how there are different targets from last year and whether those are guys he doesn't get much practice time with:

"I don't know. I'm not going to make excuses for that. I am in charge of the job just like anybody else, whether you get the reps in practice or not. It's my job to go in and there should be a seamless transition. And I thought at times there was. At other times, I'm sure can we get a little more familiar, of course. Is that only going to get better with repetition and practice? Of course. But the point was just get in and win the game and unfortunately that didn't happen. But we have a long season ahead of us and we just have to be ready to play."

On what he saw with QB Sam Bradford's injury:

"I have no idea. I just saw him go down. I was charting stuff and looking at defensive stuff so I didn't see exactly what happened. All I heard was left shoulder." 

On whether he got to talk to him QB Bradford when he came off the field:

"I didn't. I was trying to hustle over and get some throws in."

On whether he is approaching this week as if he is going to be the starter next week:

"I mean, you have to do it every week. You have to be ready to go every week. So I don't know. You never want to see a teammate go down. That's never the circumstance in which you want to play. But when you do get a chance to play, you have to make the most of it and that's what I was trying to do."

On whether there is an advantage to going in mid-way through the game as opposed to going in fresh from the very start:

"I guess there are advantages and disadvantages either way; the pros and cons. But I don't know. The point is you have to come in and win the game and unfortunately we didn't."

On the throw to TE Zach Ertz, a touchdown called back, and whether he knew Miami had 12 players on the field at that point:

"I saw someone running out of the corner of my eye, making sure we're set and I guess we moved on the edge. But while I was making sure we were set, I'm seeing someone trying to run and they were just confused. They didn't know, they were trying to make their calls and so that's when you know we can really go. And we got them on it a couple times during those drives in the fourth quarter where they were out of position or running somebody on, somebody off and unfortunately we weren't set."

On the issues on the final drive:

"Well we got the drive started and then two quick passes to [RB Darren] Sproles and then you know I am trying to avoid defenders [on the pass] to Zach and it's a little high and I think I missed that throw a little bit. And then I was expecting Miles a little quicker and he was running something. We were just on the wrong page."

On how tough is it for the guys in the locker room to lose a game after having a lead:

"Whether you are up a bunch or down or almost winning, a loss is a loss. It's just too bad because the defense played really well, and unfortunately, we hurt ourselves with some of those penalties and the turnover there. So we will assess it and just come back and play smarter and play better next week. We have a big one next week here at the Linc so it'll be fun for us."

On being in the same situation last year and what he learned from coming in there:

"I think the most important thing is just to take it one week at a time and to learn from the mistakes each week and continue to build. I think we have a chance down the stretch here to be a really good football team so we will do our very best."

Eagles RB DeMarco Murray

On his thoughts regarding today's game:

"They played well. We have to give credit to those guys. We didn't play our best game today. We have to go back to the drawing board, look at the film, make corrections and move on."

On whether he expected to have a bigger impact on the running game today:

"You expect to win the game. You expect the hard work you put in to carry over. They outplayed us today. We have to give credit to those guys. We have to look ourselves in the mirror and go from there."

On how he thinks QB Mark Sanchez played today:

"I thought he played well. We perimeter players and running backs have to give him some bigger plays to help him settle down. I thought he did well for the most part."

On whether he envisioned having stronger rushing numbers today against a defense that has struggled to stop the run in past games this season:

"You can't just come in and expect anything. This is the NFL. They have great players on their side. We just have to come and put in the work to continue to get better. They obviously played better than us today."

On whether the team was frustrated they could not keep the momentum after a strong start:

"We just have to finish drives. We are moving the ball, moving the ball and then it's up to us players to finish drives."

On not getting many practice reps with Sanchez and how much he thinks that affected the offense:

"We have to clean stuff up. That is all we can do."

On whether he will be ready to carry the full load if RB Ryan Mathews cannot play next week:

"I am ready to go every week, no matter whatever they ask me to do."

Eagles WR Jordan Matthews

On the play he appeared to get injured on:

"Just the wind knocked out of me. I am good."

On why the offense was not as effective in the final three quarters as they were in the first:

"I really have to go back and look at the film. The first thing that jumps out to me is that we had a lot of penalties. We can't have those self-inflicted wounds, like [head] coach [Chip] Kelly says. There were a couple of times that we had really positive plays, but we had penalties. That is top to bottom, not just the offensive line. It's execution across the board. It's something we all have to focus on and get better at. When we come out that hot, we have to keep putting our foot on the gas petal and to continue to keep a team down. We are capable of doing it, now we just have to finish drives and games. We can't finish a drive if we don't start it."

On whether guys on the team showed frustration today:

"It can be frustrating at times. I am a positive person, so I look at it like there is something we can fix. There are things we are doing right and we just have to build on those. At the same time, in all seriousness, we want to get this season going. We have to be able to get on rolls. We have to win games and string wins together. This would have been a great one to start with. It's over now, so we have to figure out what we did wrong and get ready for the Buccaneers."

On what he saw from QB Mark Sanchez when he came into the game:

"You know how I feel about Mark. Mark and I have a great relationship. He is always coming in and working hard. We watched film this morning before the game. He will tell me some stuff that I need to look at and get ready for. He always has good energy and wants to make plays. He is going to come in and give guys opportunities. He made a couple of plays out there. Now, with a full week of preparation with the first team, he can come out and give us a great game against the Bucs."

Eagles TE Brent Celek

On the difficulty of this loss:

"It stings bad. You can't lose games like this, especially how we came out and then kind of fell off for a few quarters. We were just making too many mistakes and killing ourselves. You can't do that in this league and expect to win games. It doesn't matter who you are playing."

On the offense getting off to a quick start:

"That's what we need, but we have to continue it throughout the game. Just because you come out fast doesn't mean you're going to win. That's what happened today."

On whether some elements of the offense change when QB Mark Sanchez is at quarterback as opposed to QB Sam Bradford:

"I don't think they change that much. We're still running our offense and Mark is a good quarterback. We all have faith and trust in him."

On whether he would have scored if he was targeted during the play that resulted in Miami's endzone interception:

"I don't know if it would have been a touchdown, but I probably would have had a decent gain. That's how football goes. You have to overcome some of that stuff and we still had an opportunity at the end of the game to win and we just didn't do it."

On staying in the NFC East race despite the loss:

"We have to pick it up. It doesn't matter about any other team. We're worried about ourselves and we have to fix the mistakes that we've made. In all of these games that we've lost, it's really been us beating ourselves. Until we get ourselves fixed, nothing else matters, and that's what we're going to be focused on."

On the offense operating at a faster rhythm at different points during the game:

"I think at the beginning, we were really pushing the tempo because we were getting positive plays on first and second down. That's what really gets us going. For a few quarters there, we weren't getting positive plays. That's what really hurts an offense, no matter who you are. You can't have penalties and dumb mistakes. We have to fix it."

On the possibility of losing QB Sam Bradford to injury for a period of time:

"That's part of the NFL. We have a good quarterback in Mark and he'll step up. If he has to go, he'll go. That's all part of the game."

On why the offense bogged down at different times during the game:

"Mistakes. You guys see it. We get first downs, and the next thing you know it's coming back because of a penalty. We have touchdowns called back because of a penalty. You can't expect to win football games like that. That's the stuff that we really need to fix. It's got to happen, and it's got to happen fast."

On his personal strong receiving performance:

"Honestly, it doesn't matter. I'm going to go home and I'm not going to be happy about this. This is a team game, and if we don't win, nothing else matters. It doesn't."

On why he was able to be an effective target in the passing game:
"They were biting on some of the play-action, so I was able to get over the top of them."

Eagles WR Miles Austin

On Eagles QB Mark Sanchez:

"Mark does a great job at practice of being attentive in meetings and with everything we do. Everyone gets reps. I need to personally do a better job and our team as a whole has to do a better job."

On the Eagles' missed opportunities:

"Anytime you get a loss like this, it's a tough thing to go through. Regardless if we would've won today, we would still have to shake it off and go into next week, the same way as if you lose. We just have to shake it off and come back ready to work. The next team is not going to feel sorry for you."

On the pass intended for him in the fourth quarter that was intercepted:

"It was a play action and I was coming over to the left side. You are supposed to expect the ball to always come your way. Their guy made a play."

On the team's fast start and slow finish:

"It's rough. I feel like we were moving the ball for most of the game. We just weren't able to translate it into points late in the game. It's just the way it was going."

Eagles WR Riley Cooper

On the illegal procedure penalty that nullified an apparent touchdown pass to TE Zach Ertz:

"I wasn't set. That was my fault."

On whether the offense was moving too fast at that point for him to get lined up in time for the snap:

"No, it was completely, completely my fault. Everyone else did everything great and Ertz made a great catch."

On the play of QB Mark Sanchez:
"I think he did great. I thought he looked really good."

On whether Sanchez appeared to be rusty from not playing to this point in the season:

"Mark has been in this league a long time, and with what we do in practice, Mark gets a ton of reps. He gets just as many reps as [QB] Sam [Bradford], or maybe a tad bit less. If Sam does not play, and I don't know what happened to Sam because I haven't talked to him, I think Mark will do a great job. I don't think he's rusty. He's always in the facility super early studying film. He's been doing that all year. I don't expect Mark to be rusty at all."

On losing QB Sam Bradford to injury at a point in the season when he was playing well:

"It's sad. You never want to see one of your teammates or anyone on the other team get hurt. This game is violent and physical. I hope Sam is okay. It's tough because we were starting to get into a groove and make some plays. I think the wideouts did good in the first half. We didn't get a whole lot of opportunities in the second half for whatever reason. Our run game was doing fantastic so we kind of stuck with it, which is great. But you never want to see your starting quarterback go down." 

Eagles WR Josh Huff

On how losing QB Sam Bradford hurt the offense today:

"We practice with both quarterbacks at all times. Everyone gets reps, so with Sanchez coming in, it really didn't bother us as much. Obviously, losing a great leader like Sam Bradford hurts."

On whether he thinks the offense was moving faster with Sanchez at quarterback:

"It was moving fast when Bradford was in there, too. We had too many self-inflicted wounds, including a turnover in the end zone." 

*Eagles LT Lane Johnson*                              


On whether he thought the quarterback change affected the team's tempo in the second half:

"All I know is that from our side, it was a dog fight the whole game. We did some good things with tempo. We could have been stronger in pass protection. I feel like we had a chance to win the game and just didn't. It was at our fingertips."

On how much of a missed opportunity today was:

"It was big. I felt like we had this game won. We let it slip out of our fingers. That was the toughest part about it."

On whether he thinks the offense should have relied more on the run game:

"I don't know. I felt like we did do some good things in the run game. It's tough when you're are playing to see exactly what his happening. When I watch it, we can reevaluate it and see. I think we did some good things. We could have run the ball more, but who knows."

On what position the team is in for the rest of the season:

"We have Tampa Bay next week. I wish we could have gotten a win today. It is tough going down to the wire and feeling like you have the game won and lose it. It was tough. We ran a lot of plays. It was a battle. One of the sloppiest games we have had. We just couldn't finish it at the end, that was the toughest part."

Eagles T Dennis Kelly

On the Eagles' game plan to run the ball today:

"We really just look at the film. Sometimes stats can be deceiving, but we were just worried about what we could do. We thought that we should be able to run the ball. We've had a lot of success over the last month or so. We just didn't get it done today."

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