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Game Vs. Cowboys: Quarterback Tony Romo


Cowboys Quarterback Tony Romo

On how bad he knew it was when he was hit:

"I felt it. It has a little bit of a pop to it. Obviously I've felt it before. Your body kind of goes into a little bit of shock and you just have to wait it out for a second to kind of come back and go get x-rayed and it is what it is."

On if his injury is the same spot in his collarbone as his injury in 2010:

"We'll get all that taken care of tomorrow as far as some of the details of it. I think you get the x-ray and it's pretty obvious what it is and then you have to go look at the detail of it with the CT scan and some of that stuff."

On if he anticipates being out about eight weeks:

"It's a good question. We'll anticipate after we go look at it tomorrow. Usually a bone's a bone. Collarbones take a little longer sometimes, but sometimes you can get back earlier."

On if he's more optimistic because the injury happened in week two rather than late October last time:

"It never feels good whenever you get hurt, I think, especially with the way I feel about our football team and the way that the guys played tonight. But I'll be ready to go."

On what it says about the team overcoming his loss, overcoming all the penalties, and doing what they were able to do:

"The NFL really is about adversity in general. It's about how you handle it, how you approach it on a day-to-day basis individually and collectively as a team. And I think the job for our football team is to just find ways to win and I think we have guys in that room who can do that. I think [QB] Brandon [Weeden] is going to come in and play good football. I think he's ready."

On how shocking it is that they lost both he and WR Dez Bryant to injuries in back-to-back weeks:

"I don't think about it like that. Stuff happens. It's the NFL. Things are going to come up. It's our job to just go back to work and the guys on this football team know it's really just going to be about this next week after tonight. The guys are going to enjoy it and then they're going to get back to work. The guys will be ready for Atlanta. We have a football team who understands when things don't go your way, you just have to get back to work and keep getting better. Our team has a great chance and opportunity to go and continue to win."

On how his injury happened:

"Yeah, I got hit to the ground."

On if he was reaching out or if someone came on top of him and his shoulder turned:

"It just usually times up perfectly with body weight hitting you in a certain angle and your shoulder goes into the ground. And I imagine that's how it got injured."

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