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Game Vs. Cowboys: Quarterback Matt Cassel


Matt Cassel, Quarterback

On overtime play: "It's difficult to swallow when you compete hard for four quarters and you go to overtime and the result is what it is. I think this team competes, and unfortunately we just haven't had the results that we wanted."

On coming up short week after week: "To be honest with you, it's not very hard. Adversity brings out character in everybody. I think the way that these guys respond and continue to come out and play, there is not one person who is sitting out there feeling sorry for themselves, other than the fact that we want to go out and win. You see our team coming closer and closer each week, and we are trying to figure out a way to get it done. Not to say that this doesn't hurt. I'm not trying to minimize what happened, but at the same time I think we have the right guys. We have good character and good leadership and we're going to turn this thing around."  

On philosophy for the last half of the season: "We've got to go out there and we've got to continue to compete. The minute you start worrying about rankings and everything else, I don't think you're going to give your best effort. I think that we've got to continue to stay the path. We do have eight games left, the season is not over by any means. As a professional you get paid to go out and do a job, and our job is to go out and compete at the highest level each and every week and figure out a way to win. There is half a season left. I hate standing up here every week and saying that, but it's the truth. We've got to focus in on next week and some how find a way to get a win and get the momentum turned the other way."

On the pick six: "They were playing two-high defense. We had a combination route. I don't think I threw it behind him or anything. He just made a good play on the ball. He cut it and unfortunately it turned out to be a pick six. Sometimes those plays happen. They have good players on defense. I was happy at how we responded though. That's the biggest thing. When you play this game, it's about how you respond and I think everyone kind of rallied. We went back and said we had to score, and that's what we did."

On Cowboys WR Dez Bryant's touchdown: "I don't even know what happened on the play, I'm still dizzy. It was third down and I got out side the pocket. I felt guys coming and I thought I would spin, then I saw a few of our guys running. I threw it up and thought I would give them a chance. That's what Dez does best is make those kind of plays."

On if he was targeting Bryant: "(laughs) I was exactly throwing it to Dez, there's no doubt about that. That's where I wanted to throw it."

On his execution of the offense: "Every week that you are in this offense and every week that I am here, I feel better and better and more confident in the huddle. I feel more confidence understanding the plays and the premise of the plays, where we are supposed to be going with the ball and also understanding our personnel. I think (Cowboys WR Cole) Beasley had a great night. (Bryant) had a great night. (Cowboys TE) Jason Witten is Jason Witten. Our offensive line does a tremendous job. Everyone kind of had a part tonight. Unfortunately, like I said we didn't come out of this thing with a win but we're growing and moving in the right direction."

On Cole Beasley: "I think the plan was a great scheme and the coaches did a great job putting it together. They had a great plan tonight for (Beasley) and (Beasley) was here to win. I haven't had much time to understand these guys, these last three weeks were my first three weeks with them. I'm still understanding their body language, how they are coming out of routes, what they do well and focusing on that.

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